The Complete Guide To All The Makeup Essentials To Be In Your Beauty Arsenal


In the current beauty era, assembling a carefully curated makeup collection can be challenging, especially if you lack the expertise of a professional makeup artist (Pro MUA). The truth is, even the most seasoned makeup expert may find it difficult and intimidating to put up a good cosmetic kit, let alone a newbie. Finding the items that are best for you might become a little perplexing when there are thousands upon thousands of options available. However, we’ve compiled a list of essential makeup items, products, and tools you need in your cosmetic bag if you’re seeking a solid reference.



Facial Mist

Caudalie‘s Beauty Elixir Face Mist

Applying a few spritzes of a hydrating face mist can help reactivate your skin care products and boost thirsty skin for a more even application of face makeup. Make sure your newly washed and moisturized face is prepared for makeup application.

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Face Primer

THE SILK CANVAS, Filter Finish Protective Primer

A fantastic method to make sure your makeup looks its best on your face is to prime it for the other products that will go on top. Primers are creamy liquids and sometimes, pastel-colored liquids that help decrease the look of even the darkest of nighttime undereye circles when used as a base before foundation. Although the precise effects of face primers on your skin and makeup can differ, keeping your skin smooth and your makeup looking fresh all day long is their major goal. There is a primer for every skin type, whether you’re looking for something to hydrate, even out uneven texture, regulate oil and/or acne, or color correct.

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Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation 420

Foundation is literally the premises of all cosmetics, as its name would imply. The best foundation for you will depend heavily on your demands, your complexion’s requirements, and, of course, your budget. It is available in a range of formulas, including sheer liquids, cushion compacts, and full-cover formulas.

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Dior Backstage Concealer

A concealer is a necessity if you have dark circles, acne, or any other type of discoloration. Depending on how much you’re attempting to conceal, concealers come in full-coverage and sheerer-coverage formulations. Find a concealer shade and texture that matches your foundation or BB cream as closely as you can for the most natural appearance when picking one for acne and/or discoloration. The main areas you’ll use concealer are beneath the eyes for dark circles and on blemishes to help reduce redness.

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Eyebrow Pencil

NYX Precise Eyebrow Pencil

One of the most crucial facial aspects is your brows, but over time, many people have over-plucked, waxed, or had hair loss, all of which make their brows appear less full. To effortlessly form the arch and fill it in with slender strokes that resemble hair, use a pencil.

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Urban Decay pigmented eye makeup palette for on the Go

It’s vital to use eyeshadow, whether it has a cream or powder texture, to create lovely eye makeup looks. Eyeshadow doesn’t have to be overpowering; start with a shade intended for daily use. However, make sure to prime your lids first before using any shadow. An Eyeshadow Primer helps prevent wrinkles and keeps your eyeshadow in place all day. You only need one nice eyeshadow palette with a lot of neutral colors if you’re just starting your makeup collection.

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Jillian Dempsey Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a terrific method to draw attention to your eyes and is available in a variety of forms; the two most prevalent are pencil and liquid.

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Rare Beauty stays vulnerable melting cream blush

Blush is particularly important if you’re using a foundation that provides more opaque coverage, as this can occasionally make your skin look a little bit flat. This significant makeup item is available in powder, gel, and cream forms, with the powder version being the most widely used. You’ll always need to pick a blush color that will give you a natural glow when choosing one. As much as you can and regardless of your skin tone, avoid going overboard with the brightness or the application because these things might make you look silly.

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HUDA Beauty “GloWish” soft radiance vegan bronzing powder

To enhance the face with blush and highlighter, bronzer is a necessary step. It adds depth, dimension, and natural color. Beware: too much bronzer can be terrible, especially when applied to the entire face rather than brushed on in more strategic locations. However, when used appropriately, it adds an additional layer of awesomeness to your complexion.

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Makeup revolution 5D lash POW mascara

The constant use of mascara for your makeup will dramatically improve the appearance of your eyes. It’s remarkable what mascara can do for all the many eye makeup styles you wear, and it’s the finest product to apply for an instant lift.


Eyelash Curler

Get ready to have fuller curls

A lash curler, used before applying mascara, will rapidly lift and curl lashes, opening up your eyes and giving you a more youthful look.

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Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil

The best approach to get people to question you about your skin secrets is to highlight your face. The bridge of your nose, the region along the brow bones, and the tops of your cheekbones should all be the focal points of the highlighter application. Picking the right highlighter color also depends on your unique skin tone and undertones, much like choosing the right foundation color does.

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Loose Powder

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Before working on the rest of your face after applying foundation and concealer, be sure to set everything with a finely-milled loose powder. When applied with a fluffy, large brush, foundation and concealer stay in place all day long, helping to set your foundation for the rest of your face makeup application.

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Setting Spray

NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray

The setting spray could be compared to a double-down on primers as the best innovation ever. Many facial veils of mist can prime and refresh the skin, but those made particularly to seal in makeup as the ‘setting spray’ exist too. Holding the bottle between eight and twelve inches away from your face, pump the spritzer several times until a gentle mist covers your face. Keep your eyes closed while at it!

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Lip Liner

Sephora Retractable Rouge Gel Lip Liner

It’s important to have a lip pencil that matches the color of your lips, whether clear or nude: No matter the formulation, it will provide an even basis for lipstick and prevent any color from feathering outside the lip line.

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Lip Gloss

Cushiony glassy shine 

To give the lips a glossy texture and sometimes, color, lip gloss can be applied. Lip gloss was popular in the early-to-mid 2000s, but it has recently regained popularity, with trendy companies all offering their own variations. Consider this item as the last touch or as a sheerer, a more summery way to use lip color. Lip gloss, which has a glassy sheen, is excellent for emphasizing an already-decorated lip, especially when applied sparingly to the middle of the mouth for a super-plumping appearance. Also, when you’re in a hurry, don’t have access to a mirror, or your overall look calls for a more modest lip, use lip gloss.



Gucci Velvet Matte Lipstick

Lipstick is undoubtedly having a significant moment right now. Whether you like a liquid or bullet formula or a glossy, satin, or matte finish, there is undoubtedly lipstick out there that will suit your preferences. It is recommended to find a traditional color that fits with everything you may wear. You can also try a glossy or lip balm formula for a softer look or a matte recipe for a more glitzy appearance.

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Makeup Remover

LA MER, the Cleansing Micellar Water

The literal purpose of a makeup remover is to “swipe off mistakes.” Even professionals make errors, so it’s always a good idea to keep some kind of makeup remover in your kits, such as soft wipes and towelettes, just in case. Additionally, you’ll always need a light makeup remover that will remove all traces of makeup at the end of the day.

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Makeup Brushes and Beauty Blender

Versatile makeup sponges and brushes

You could never paint or thoroughly combine the cosmetics on the preceding list using your fingers or fists. To assist in making the ideal facial canvas, some tools are essential and specially created. The Beautyblender is perfect for seamlessly blending foundation, blush, and concealer. The basic brushes are a flat, firm brush for packing on the product, a fluffy brush for blending and applying delicate color washes, a smaller, more specialized brush, like an angled or pencil-shaped brush, for precision work, and of course a micro eye fan brush for your mascara. Thank goodness, these beauty brushes come in sets that make it simple for you to explore the alternatives.

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