5 Tips For Choosing The Right U-Part Wig

African American woman wearing wig hair image

  Choosing the right U-part wig can be difficult considering the availability of many options out there. However, with the right tips in mind, you can easily find the perfect wig for your ...

4 Ways To Prevent Hair Shrinkage

African American Woman Wearing Curly Hair - Fashion Police Nigeria

  When the hair appears shorter than its real length, shrinking is almost unavoidable. There are, however, methods of minimizing and preventing shrinking. I mean, it's an inconvenient aspect ...

4 Easy Steps To Get The Wet Hair Look

African Woman Wet Hair Look Trend

  Sometimes, trending hairstyles pose a somewhat hard nut to crack -"How can I achieve it?" which, to be honest, is a task on its own. The truth is that the wet hair look returns with a ...

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