Alicia Keys Reveals Her Skincare Secrets And How She Ties Her Headwrap


Alicia Keys is really treating fans to her own skincare secrets. And on top of that, she’s also taking fans through the journey of how she ties her headwrap. In her latest video with Vogue, the R&B singer reveals that she gets up early in the morning for meditation, early workout, or give herself a moment of silence sometimes.

Known for her personal no-makeup campaign, Keys demonstrated how she keeps her skin glowing, along with her favorite beauty products which according to her, Osmosis does the magic when it comes to cleansing. “I’ve always cared about skincare but…I didn’t always have good skin,” she admits. Adding that “everybody’s different.”

Going further, the 39-year also revealed that water is one of her beauty secrets. As for her hair routine, Alicia admitted that people have actually asked how she does it with headwraps. Here, take a deep jump into the video and allow the mother-of-one inspire you.



Anita Jose
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