10 Things You’d Like To Know Before Getting an Under-Eye Filler


When it comes to facial beauty, a lot of factors contribute to low self-confidence. One such thing is having hollow or dark circles directly under your eyes. As expected, this not-so-little-big-thing triggers the thoughts and subsequent considerations of getting an under-eye filler. Hopping on the decision is a big one but not bad at all.

In actuality, under-eye fillers may be one of the few procedures that can significantly enhance the appearance of your under-eye area, depending on what’s causing your dark circles. But you must approach it armed with all the knowledge you can gather. You should be aware of the safety of getting filler under your eyes as well as what to actually anticipate before, during, and after the procedure. Ahead, we are focusing on all you need to know before getting an under-eye filler.


Do Your Research: Understand what under-eye filler is and how it works

The first on the list is to find out the exact nature of the treatment you want to undertake. Under eye fillers are Hyaluronic acid injections also referred to as dermal fillers or soft tissue fillers, which are used to treat sunken (under eye hollows) or discolored under-eye areas. Dark circles, significant indentations, and a tired appearance under the eyes are signs of under-eye hollows. This skin anomaly is referred to as a tear trough by doctors. To make the tear trough or under-eye area appear lighter, eye fillers are applied. They give the area a fuller, more vibrant appearance. Furthermore, lightening the under-eye area can give you a more youthful and rested appearance.


Find and Consult the right doctor

One cannot overstate how crucial it is to visit a skilled, board-certified doctor or doctor’s office who performs this procedure frequently. This is due to the fact that there are more dangers associated with injecting the under-eye area than other facial regions. Don’t compare prices when it comes to your face. Make sure you thoroughly investigate your injector. Check to see if the injector has a particular background, has undergone a particular training, and adopts safe injection practices. How long have they been injecting, do they adhere to industry standards and regulations, and do they pursue continuing education in their area of expertise are a few things to watch out for.


There are potential risks and side effects

Your under-eye region is highly delicate and dense with blood vessels, as you are probably already aware. As one of the most frequent side effects of eye fillers, the thin skin in this area makes it particularly prone to bruising. Swelling is the other major side effect. Within a week, both of those problems ought to be resolved. However, having the right doctor perform the procedure is crucial, to be on the “safer” side. If your filters are not properly placed, you may experience the Tyndall effect, which describes how light scatters under certain conditions. In the case of under-eye fillers, injecting the filler too close to the skin’s surface can cause a light bluish hue and swelling under the eyes due to the way light scatters.

Undereye Filler Beauty Procedure Treatment Image
A before and after photo of an undereye filler treatment (Photo: Instagram.com/Galderma.aesthetics).

Make sure what you’re getting is the hyaluronic acid fillers

During your appointment, you should inquire about the fillers the doctor intends to use. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are the only kind that should be injected under the eyes because it is safe, effective, and readily dissolvable with an enzyme called hyaluronidase. Never administer other fillers like poly-l-lactic acid (Sculptra) or calcium hydroxyl-apatite (Radiesse) under the eyes.


Those under-eye fillers are quite expensive

We’re looking at a one-treatment cost of $800 or more. Anyway, despite how expensive they may seem, many people think under-eye fillers are well worth the cost. After all, the advantages of under-eye filler are apparent as soon as it is injected, unlike some facial treatments that require time to take effect.


There are benefits attached to the procedure

Many factors contribute to the widespread belief that under-eye fillers are the only way to achieve a youthful appearance. First, under-eye fillers can last anywhere from 6 to 18 months. You can also expect immediate results, a brighter and plumper under-eye area, and an overall more youthful and less tired-looking under-eye area with under-eye fillers. Because hyaluronic fillers increase collagen and elastin, you will also experience long-term advantages from using them.

Undereye Filler Image
A before and after photo of an undereye filler treatment (Photo: Instagram.com/Gardenia.aestheticnurse)

Under-eye filler is reversible, but that can be a long and painful process

Despite the fact that hyaluronidase can be used to remove hyaluronic fillers, doing so can be painful and will probably require several sessions. So, it’s best to ensure you are 100% ready for the procedure.


Having needles around your eyes may be uncomfortable; so brace up for that

The procedure for under-eye filling is quite unsettling and is easily despised. You have to fight constantly to maintain your composure while assuring yourself that nothing will harm your sight. Although the pain isn’t severe, the disorienting popping sound and the feeling that something heavy is being forced into deep layers may leave you feeling worn out.


There are aftercare treatments required

It’s not so complicated— just a list of what’s doable. It is best to continue avoiding anything or any substances that may cause bleeding or bruising after receiving under-eye filler treatment. Using cold compresses on the area frequently throughout the day can reduce any swelling. Additionally, keeping your head elevated can hasten your recovery.


A follow-up appointment with your doctor is necessary

It is typical to require a follow-up appointment with your doctor for some minor adjustments. To evaluate the area and decide whether a second filler injection is necessary, your doctor should advise scheduling a follow-up visit in a few days.


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