5 Types of Body Jewelry To Fit Your Style


For as long as humans have existed, they have worn jewelry. But as time moves and fashion evolves, jewelry changes with it. Jewelry has had countless meanings and symbols over the centuries. “Body jewelry” is a term for any type of jewelry that isn’t one of the more conventional options seen today. This could refer to any jewelry that isn’t necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. 

Body jewelry is a great way to elevate your fashion style. Like traditional jewelry, body jewelry can work for lots of different fashion styles, depending on the jewelry you choose. Keep reading to learn about 5 types of body jewelry and what might suit your style!

1. Body Chains

Simple chains look beautiful as necklaces or bracelets. But you can wear them on other parts of your body too! 

If you wear a lot of crop tops or low-rise pants or skirts, a stunning way to dress up your abdomen is a stomach chain. These chains drape around your waist and rest on your hips. They’re a great way to accentuate your stomach area.

A great way to dress up a low-rise top is with a chest chain. These chains drape much lower than necklaces, often falling across your chest and clasping at your back, much like a bra. These chains are great if you’re wanting to go for a more scandalous look. 

If you’re wanting a classic and formal option, a back chain might be for you. These chains function the same way a necklace does, but down your back. They pair well with dresses with high necklines and open backs. 

With the right body chain jewelry, you’ve got lots of options. It reinvents a classic and traditional way to wear jewelry and brings attention to an area you don’t usually highlight this way. 

2. Facial Piercings

While facial piercings aren’t technically on your body, they aren’t traditional jewelry and still fall in the “body jewelry” category. When it comes to piercings, anything that isn’t in the ear lobes is pretty unconventional. Facial piercings are even more so. 

A lot of people believe facial piercings need to be huge and chunky, but that isn’t always the case. Note how smaller jewelry like nose piercings is becoming more popular in the mainstream. Much like traditional jewelry, body jewelry can be styled to your tastes.

If your style tends towards edgy and counter-culture, then more facial piercings of bigger sizes will work best for your look. Nose and lip rings and eyebrow piercings are popular choices for this style. 

If you’re wanting something more subtle, a small nose ring or cartilage ear piercings might be best for you. 

For all your facial and body piercing jewelry needs, check out bodypiercejewelry.com.

3. Body Piercings

Body piercings are far less common than traditional piercings. These are piercings anywhere on the body that is not the face or ears. Popular choices for these include nipple piercings, naval (belly button) piercings, and dermal (skin) piercings. 

Depending on your jewelry choice, body piercings can work for a few different styles. 

If your aesthetic tends towards dark, goth, or edgy styles, then dark or chunky body pieces work best. These could be large, noticeable pieces of jewelry or jewelry with striking colors that draw the eye. 

If your style is more traditional or mainstream, a body piercing can still work for you! Small and simple jewelry in a color that matches your other jewelry is a great way to add to your usual look.

4. Rings

Rings are a great body jewelry option because they work for so many different styles. Rings are one of the most accessible options too since there’s no long-term commitment to this body jewelry. 

There is a lot of room for self-expression with rings. If your style is more mainstream and subtle, then a few simple rings are your best bet. But you can still elevate the look with one or two more eye-catching rings. 

These eye-catching rings could feature gems or be larger than the other rings. Stacking simple rings – usually all with the same color metal – gives you lots of room to play around with your jewelry in a subtle way. 

If your style is bold and noticeable, then rings are a great option too. Lots of rings are a popular choice for this style. You can play around with this look, from mixing the color of the rings, to the size and number of the rings. 

5. Foot Jewelry

While this body jewelry lost popularity over the last two decades, it’s making a comeback. The most popular foot jewelry options are toe rings and ankle bracelets. 

These jewelry pieces are popular for anyone with a beachy aesthetic. Or someone who spends a lot of time in cut-off pants or skirts, and is barefoot. You’re not going to invest in this jewelry unless people are going to see it. 

Ankle bracelets drape above the ankle bone. This type of jewelry has a wide variety of material options, from dainty chains to macrame cords and even to beadwork. The choice of material will usually depend on the person’s individual style. 

Finding the right body jewelry for your style

Body jewelry is a great way to express yourself and elevate your fashion choices. With so many types of body jewelry to choose from, it will work for your looks, regardless of what your usual style is. You can choose something that works for your comfort too. If you’re not interested in long-term commitments like piercings, you can wear removable jewelry like chains or rings! Do some shopping around and you’ll definitely find something that works for you. 




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