What You Need To Know Before Doing Eyebrow Piercing


Eyebrow piercing comes as one of the latest additions to the list of cool facial piercings. It is considered a unisex style statement and has gained huge popularity in recent times. There are no tribal or cultural ties associated with this type of piercing. It dates back to the 1980s and has off late become one of the staple piercing styles for the ones who like to have an eye-catching and uncommon personality. 

However, the ones considering eyebrow piercing should put in good thought into it as the style can permanently scar the face. Also, healing the scars might be a little expensive and difficult as well. The guide below can help you with the things you should know before going for this kind of piercing.

Will the Eyebrow Piercing Hurt?

First things first, you cannot go for anything that hurts your body or your health. But for the sake of fashion, you can go for this kind of piercing as its pain scale is lower in comparison to the other forms of piercing. There are a pinching feeling and a bit of pressure as well, but it is bearable. It is possible to feel a bit uncomfortable and to experience more swelling just after you have the eyebrow piercing.

Different unpleasant symptoms might also crop in because of blood rushing to the injuries. There are chances of developing a black eye post the procedure. But there is no need for you to worry. The condition gets healed on its own. Try to avoid blood thinners and get a lot of rest while using a cold compress as well for accelerating the healing procedure.

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Eyebrow Piercing Support or Aftercare

The piercing generally takes two to three months to get healed completely. Avoid moving or changing the jewelry during the healing procedure as it can result in scarring and jewelry rejection. This generally happens because the skin around the eyebrows is soft and delicate.

If you adhere to the eyebrow piercing aftercare rules religiously, it will help you in healing the piercing faster and without any complications. The rules you need to follow are:

  • Avoid the use of face wash and makeup just after the procedure and even during the healing period because the foreign substances or chemicals in these products can cause skin irritation.
  • Take care when having haircuts because your eyebrow jewelry can easily get caught in combs and result in tearing of the piercing.
  • Jewelry migration and rejection are the main problems associated with an eyebrow piercing. People change their jewelry mainly because their bodies reject the cheap metal of their jewelry. Hence, it works to choose expensive metals like gold.
  • Avoid waxing the eyebrows during the healing procedure. Waxing is the same as using chemical products that can be harmful. If at all required, go for plucking but then try being gentle on the eyebrows.
  • Eating properly, having sufficient rest, and rehydrating the body are important procedures you must work on. These processes contribute to faster healing.

Final Words

Above everything else, you must consider the cost of eyebrow piercing. After all, this cool and bold fashion procedure should suit your budget.


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