5 Myths That You Didn’t Know About Daith Piercing


Curated ears are the latest trend in a long line of fashion fads that the millennial crowd obsesses about. One such way of curated ears for piercing is Daith piercing. It is the piercing of the inner fold of cartilage just above the ear hole. Daith piercing has its share of takers and critics, but nobody can deny its overall popularity and fame. The recent resurgence of the curated ear has speculated a specialized way to make it even more popular. This, unfortunately, has resulted in a lot of gossip and unverified myths. Here we explore some of the myths you have probably not heard about concerning Daith piercing.

Daith Piercing Can Treat Migraines

If you are suffering from sordid headaches, then you have probably heard about the benefits of getting a Daith piercing to resolve it. Unfortunately, this is a myth that has not been verified by medical experts. The popular consensus is that the piercing happens at a point that is considered an important acupuncture point. According to the traditional Chinese medicine of acupuncture, nerve endings at strategic points are used to treat various body problems. 

Daith Piercing Is Not Healed Easily

Body jewelry is one of the most stylish trends, despite which it is not a stranger to mindless banter and unnecessary rumors. Daith Earrings are much in vogue, but the piercing process has significant detractors who argue that the piercing does not heal well. The fact is that any piercing process takes a reasonable time to heal and curate. This depends on the level of care and caution you exercise and how you maintain piercing health to prevent infection.

It can Result in Deafness

Becoming deaf is no joke and has significant medical and other compelling reasons behind it. Although there is evidence to suggest that the damage to the ear or the inner ear membrane can result in deafness, there is nothing on record to prove how Daith piercing could result in deafness. On the contrary, Daith piercing happens on the cartilage fold above the ear hole and can by no means result in damage to the ear or the inner ear membrane.

Daith Piercing can cause an inner ear infection

Piercing and curing the ear is nothing new these days. However, the procedure must indeed be done with proper care and caution. Above all, proper care must be taken to ensure that alcohol rubbing and other safety protocols are observed to prevent infection. The piercing may cause some infection insensitive ears where adequate safety and hygienic standards are not maintained. But it cannot be generalized to suggest an infection in the inner ear.

Daith Piercing is not for beginners

Although Daith piercing can be done for any person regardless of age or gender, indeed, people who are just exploring piercing and do not have cured or curated ears should not try it out. Simply because the process is experimental and is rather advanced to suit people who are typically acquainted with ear health and maintenance after the piercing process.


Though the time taken depends from person to person, there is no evidence to suggest that Daith piercings do not heal like any other piercing process. The efficacy of it as a treatment option is largely untrue Daith piercing is still fun.


Jennifer Saylor
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