The Meanings of Symbolic Flower Pendants


For many people, jewelry is more than a beautiful fashion accessory. With some forethought, you can select pieces with deeper significance. And one of the easiest ways to wear symbolic jewelry is to put a pendant on a necklace chain.

Combine the timeless symbolism of flowers with the beauty of a necklace. Read more to find out the meanings of symbolic flower pendants.

Daisy: Purity and Innocence

Perhaps more than any flower, the simple daisy represents purity and innocence. This cheerful bloom has a sweet and carefree appearance, as the open white petals surround a charming sunny center.

This fun flower inspires creativity. Think about the childhood pastime of creating daisy rings or chains and wearing them as a flower crown or bracelet. You can wear a more elevated version of this classic flower-child staple when you choose a daisy flower pendant.

Rose: Beauty and Romance

If you want a dramatic, elegant pendant, you can select a rose design. The rose is such a popular and timeless flower symbolizing beauty and romance. When you wear this as a necklace, people will easily understand the meaning of this symbolic flower pendant.

Rose pendants come in many different styles. Some pendants focus on the rose in full bloom, showcasing only the blossom. Others show an opening rosebud with its stem and leaves. Either way, any rose pendant will look elegant.

Hibiscus – Ephermal Beauty and Feminity

If you have ever been to Hawaii, you’d know how precious this flower is in the Hawaiian culture. It can be found in different sizes, colors, and shapes. These usually grow in the forests, along pathways, and adorn women’s hair.

These tropical blooms have different meanings in different cultures. These are considered very feminine and are usually given to women. North Americans use Hibiscus flowers to symbolize a perfect wife or woman. Different colored hibiscuses also have varied meanings. For instance, a yellow hibiscus is associated with good luck and fortune, while a pink hibiscus symbolizes friendship and romantic love. Hibiscus flowers are the perfect epitome of beauty and elegance. That is the reason why hibiscus-inspired jewelry is so popular among women. Just explore your options for hibiscus pendants online and pick the one that best defines you.

Lotus: New Beginnings

The lotus flower emerges pristine from the murky water and symbolizes new beginnings. Many interesting facts about the lotus flower make it an inspiration to cultures and religions around the world.

In its natural environment, floating lotus leaves reduce sunlight levels in the water and limit algae growth. This function connects lotus flowers to the idea of purification.

Also, you can wear a lotus pendant to signify your resilience. Or you can give a lotus pendant as a gift. Jewelry is a thoughtful present you can give your mother or another inspirational woman in your life. And the lotus honors a person’s resolute spirit.

Birth Flower Pendant: Personal Significance

Another popular way to select a flower pendant is to choose a design with your birth month’s flower. You’ll often see birth flower pendants designed with the flower embossed on oval-shaped metal.

Each birth flower symbolizes different values and characteristics. But whatever your specific flower’s meaning, wearing your birth flower is a fun way to connect you to your origins.

Another take on this option is a flower charm with petals made of your birthstone. In this case, the pendant’s symbolism comes from the gems rather than the flower. Similar to the embossed pendant, this charm celebrates your beginnings and your place in the world.

As you can see, flower pendants offer you a way to adorn yourself with beautiful and meaningful jewelry. Whether you want a carefree or dramatic look, these flowers can help you achieve the style you want.

Felicia Priedel
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