Fun and Creative To Reuse The Old Cowboy Boots


There are many ways that you can repurpose old clothes. Even something like an old cowboy boot can find new life with a little bit of creativity.

There are many ways to get creative with old clothing items that are gathering dust in your closet. Shoes and boots wear out faster than other clothing items, so you’re sure to have old pairs of footwear on hand. Here are just a few fun and creative uses for old cowboy boots to get your ideas flowing.


What better way to give back to the world than by repurposing old boots that you would otherwise throw out? When you think about what to do with old cowboy boots, think outside the box and outside your home by turning old boots into a birdhouse.

The material is perfect for bedding and housing a new nest of birds, especially over the winter season, as it will keep them warm and cozy all year long. Leather is highly durable and waterproof. The durability of the leather also provides physical protection against potential predators. At the same time, the look of the boot may camouflage the birdhouse to help further keep those birds and their babies safe.

Wall Planter

Leather takes a long time to break down, but perhaps the leather of your boots has a few too many scuffs or holes worn into it. Give new life to the boots by using them as wall planters.

The leather will retain adequate moisture, keeping your plants thriving without further damaging the boot. The ergonomic design of the boot makes it perfect for watering. Just make sure you punch a few more holes in the bottom of the sole or the front end of the toes to encourage proper drainage.

Change up the types and colors of flowers you plant, or even start an indoor herb garden. This is also a great way to do your part in protecting the environment and being ecologically friendly.

Artisan Lamps

Time to let your creative light shine. Cut into the boot and place low-heat LED bulbs in it with an electrical hub to create a nightlight. Or place an entire lampstand inside it with a matching lampshade for an eye-catching piece of décor in your living room or office.

By doing this, you save yourself from spending money on an entirely new lamp; you can repurpose an old boot. And if you adorn your boots with rhinestones, you’ll add to the luminescence in the room with the light shining from the lamp bouncing off the stones and giving a unique lighting effect.

There are many fun and creative uses for old cowboy boots. Your favorite pair of boots can last a long time inside and outside your home. Take a moment before you throw that worn footwear out and consider transforming it into a new treasure. There’s no better feeling than taking something old and giving it a second life that might prove even better than the first.


Felicia Priedel
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