14 Manicure Ideas To Keep Your Nails On-Point

Like the popular African phrase: “it takes a village to raise a child,” so does the beauty of a woman.

As women, we have to come to the terms that looking glamorous isn’t just about the dress. It takes a whole bunch of effort — from the head-turning dress, the notice-me hairstyle, and makeup, and let’s not even talk about the accessories.

A great manicure can makeup a look and there’s something so empowering about flaunting those nails with confidence. Just like our hair, the nails also need way more attention — something Insta-appropriate or something to add a bit of fun to your look because, after all, life is not perfect but your nails can be. Ahead, keep scrolling for some manicure ideas you might need for your next nail appointment. 


Purple Almond Nails

Bright colors are the easiest ways to update a boring look and these light purple Almond nails are sure to give give you the best compliments. Why not give this soft brilliant hue a try on your next manicure appointment?


Big Apple Nails In Red

This classic, warm, brilliant red from OPI is a fan favorite among its customers and may be worn in a variety of eye-catching ways. With just two applications, this color is glossy, opaque, and highly fashionable.


Brown Swirl/Wavy Nails

Gorgeous is an understatement, to say the least. You’ll need a liner brush to make the waves and swirls, as well as white, light brown, dark brown, and nude nail polishes to pull off this unexpected effect.


A Mix of Dark Shades

For basic fall nails, mix up a traditional manicure with a variety of dark hues. It feels even more enjoyable due to the swooping, uneven edges.


Brown & Chocolate

In contrast to other nail art styles, this ombré brown manicure is quick, uncomplicated, and flawless. The toned-down aesthetics of the nail art will go great with any outfit.


Swirls and Tips

This is an intriguing abstract pattern that can appear in a variety of ways depending on the color you choose. The manicure style has other popular features including; swirls, lines, abstract faces, splashes, and other designs.


Blue and Stars

Occasionally, it’s just wise to take a chance when it comes to blue nails. The star pattern in between makes the baby blue color stand out. If you admire it, your nail stylist sure has some work to do.


Dewy Pink Ombre

These nails seem incredibly dewy. The pink ombré appears to be just a little bit translucent, giving the nails what we can only refer to as the appearance of cloudless glass skin. Absolutely beautiful.


Say Hi To Some Wildness

I’d suggest choosing these lovely tiger asymmetric tips if truly you want to try something refreshing. I especially adore the wild allure.


Comic Book-Inspired Pink Nails

It’s incredibly simple and adorable to create this DIY comic nail art. It looks fun and amazing, especially with the comedic undertones in this unthinkable pink nail art.


Gradient Nails

Add some color to your style with these gradient nails. To provide the appearance of a subtly changing rainbow of hues, this gradient manicure uses two or more tones.


Moss Green Manicure

Green is revitalizing. So you can always use moss green to give your traditional manicure a nostalgic, retro vibe.


Black French Tips

You can join the black nail community by sporting this black French tips manicure. Black color goes beyond the stereotypical gothic depictions. Consider it a revitalizing change in your beauty affair.


Spooky And Cute

It’s fright-good! You can take inspiration from these eerie nail designs when getting your hands painted for Halloween at the nail salon.



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