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14 Manicure Ideas To Keep Your Nails On-Point

Manicure Ideas Photo

Like the popular African phrase: “it takes a village to raise a child," so does the beauty of a woman. As women, we have to come to the terms that looking glamorous isn't just about the dress. It ...

Italian Manicure Might Be Your Latest Nail Crush

Italian manicure nail image

  I've only been alive for a few years, but I've already learned that the concept of practicality thrives and is sustainable in the beauty market. This is the category where the Italian manicure ...

11 Almond-Shaped Nail Designs You’d Want To Try

Purple Almond-Shaped Nail Design - Fashion Police NG

  If the "almonds" you know as fruits are oval-shaped, then you guessed right — Almond nails are in the same vein, oval-shaped nails that come to a soft point. This nail design is widest at the base, ...

Understanding The French Manicure Trend

Understanding The French Manicure Trend

  If you are looking to raise the beauty stakes of your nails, consider trying out the French manicure. There are many types of French manicures, but which one is most popular? Read on to ...

9 Summer Nail Trends You Would Want To Wear

Summer 2022 Nail Trend

  Now that the gloom of winter has passed and spring has brought us the gift of flowers, summer is soon going to be in full swing. The season guarantees the unrestrained display of bright ...

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