Ver Yash Presents its First Fashion Offering, The Adamic Collection


Budding designer Ver Yash is hitting its stride with its first-ever collection which melds alternative aesthetics with an eye on modern, streamlined design.
Titled “The Adamic Collection”, the designs have a mix of vintage-retro and edgy style, looks to crepes, cashmere, and cotton fabrics with easy shapes and traditional craftsmanship to create the 90s aesthetics.

Modeled by Nollywood actors Okey Uzoeshi and Micheal Ejoor, the pieces from this collection are the gems you might want to keep on your fashion radar.

The collection features colorful baggy outfits, a fresh take on shirting, and well-tailored pieces that are anything but standard fare. The pieces are available at the Ver Yash store in Lagos and online.


Designs: @ver_yash
Photography: @_jorgwwong
Muses: @michaeloejoor, @okeyuoeshi
Makeup: @sobajonah


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