5 Latest Helix Earrings That Every Woman Love


Helix jewelry has been in vogue for decades. If you didn’t know already, the helix is the upper part of our ear, which has a curved rim. People who love piercings and jewelry often go for helix piercings and sometimes get multiple of them. However, you don’t need to get helix piercings to wear helix earrings because there are many options available in the markets that can be worn without piercings.

When it comes to helix, people prefer different types of earrings. While some go for hoops, others prefer barbells or studs. Let’s look into the 5 latest Helix earrings that every woman loves:

  • Seamless Rings

Seamless Helix RingsPhoto: Amazon.com

Seamless rings or seam rings are the types of helix hoops that don’t have a visible opening. So, they give the illusion that you’re wearing a closed ring as there is no exposed clasp or bead. The seamless rings are perfect for those who love wearing dainty jewelry.

  • Captive Bead Rings

5 Latest Helix Earrings That Every Woman LovePhoto: Stealherstyle.net

Captive bead rings are another type of helix hoop with a bead or ball. This bead has little dimples on two ends, and both the ends of your ring need to fit into these dimples for a snug fit. While it might require some push and pull while putting on and removing the earrings, these super-stylish and chic hoops are worth the effort.  

  • Barbell

Barbell Helix EarringsPhoto: Pinterest.com

The barbell earrings are straight or circular earrings with round beads at both ends. Barbells are one of the most comfortable earrings for fresh helix piercings, especially circular ones.

You can choose from circular, curved, and straight barbell earrings, as per your comfort and choice.

A more advanced design of barbell earrings is made for multiple helix piercings. In such barbell earrings, one end of the barbell goes in one piercing, and the other goes in the second one. The middle part is visible on the ear, giving the illusion of both the piercings stitched together.

  • Studs

Stud helix earringsPhoto: Styleoholic.com

Helix studs are another popular option in helix earrings. Though studs and barbells look the same, the design is different for both. While barbells have similar beads or balls at both ends, studs have a flat back.

There are tons of designs available in studs and you can even choose the right size for your helix piercings. If you need to choose between studs and barbells for fresh helix piercings then barbells are recommended. It’s because studs are more likely to snag onto clothes and loose threads, which might be painful in the beginning. However, once your piercings get older, you can choose any type of earrings.

  • Helix Cuffs

Helix Cuffs EarringsPhoto: Amazon.com

If you love helix earrings but are not prepared to get the piercings done yet, the fake helix cuffs are the best option for you. These earrings can just be snapped anywhere on your ear, without you having to pierce it. The fake helix cuffs are also available in different designs and sizes. You can even wear multiple cuffs in one ear to make it look like you have multiple piercings. They also come with danglers and can be worn at the topmost part of your helix. However, you can also go for a daintier version.

So, this was all about the most loved helix earrings and how you can wear them! If you are getting helix piercings, you can start with these basic styles and then explore the other designer options. However, for starters, these 5 types of helix earrings are the best bet!


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