Irawo’s Kadara SS’21 Collection Celebrates The Yoruba Heritage


If you are on the hunt for contemporary yet timeless wardrobe pieces, then Irawo’s latest move will prove very interesting for you. The afro-fusion womenswear brand is conjuring up the Yoruba heritage into its Spring 2021 collection tagged ‘Kadara’ and the result is a line-up of sleek African-inspired take on womenswear.

Looking to Yemoja, ‘the Yoruba water goddess that was the mother of oceans, rivers, and feminine mysteries,’ Irawo created the collection using batik fabrics with vibrant colors — a move that pays homage to the brand’s signature styles.

“This collection embodies the beginning of brighter dawn and a new age,” the brand said in a statement. “‘Kadara’ translates to ‘destiny’ in Yoruba. We are preserving our heritage by incorporating significant Yoruba motifs that are popularly found in the adire eleko (tie-dye) material which is made with the Olokun design that has now given birth to what is presently known as batik fabric.”

“Our process encompassed ideating the batik fabrics and colors where were then created exclusively by us. The batik fabrics choices and star-like motifs hone into the concept of the Kadara women being connected to her bright destiny and divination. Her destiny is found within her. She is a resilient woman who embraces her sensual individuality and is conscious of cultivating her own path.”

In the lookbook, the model can be seen sporting the 90’s traditional hairstyle as she decked out in vibrant dresses, tops, and skirts. The collection also features jumpsuits, Kimono set, and some party-appropriate mini dresses.

As for the price, the collection ranges from $75 to $250 and are available for purchase at

Anita Jose
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