5 Viking-Themed Wedding Ideas to Consider


Can you believe that almost 1.7 million couples get married in America each year?

While everyone has their own unique vision for their dream wedding, most ceremonies take place in a house of worship or in a scenic area like the beach. If you’re in love with Norse culture, then you might be thinking about having a Viking wedding.

This ceremony is guaranteed to be an event that nobody will ever forget. Read on if you’d like to collect five incredible Viking-themed wedding ideas that will inspire the planning process.

  1. Buy Beautiful Viking Rings

One of the most important parts of any type of wedding is exchanging rings. This jewelry is a symbol of your devotion, so you need to make sure that both of you adore your picks.

Viking jewelry is absolutely breathtaking. You can view these Viking wedding bands to get a head start on shopping.

  1. Set a Norse-Themed Wedding Dress Code

Traditional weddings involve a white dress for the woman and a tuxedo for the man. Viking weddings are stunning in a different way.

Women wear a long, flowing gown and the bride would add a fur coat (faux-fur to be cruelty-free) and a flower crown to this look. Men wear battle armor complete with swords or elegant tunics.

  1. Exchange Vows the Proper Way

Norse weddings have two elements that you should consider adding to your ceremony.

Both the bride and the groom swap swords or another personal belonging with sentimental value to demonstrate their devotion. After vows are exchanged, a handfasting ceremony takes place where the bride and groom’s hands are bound together with a ribbon to solidify the marriage.

  1. Plan an Epic Feast With Drinks

Some would argue that the best part of any wedding is the after-party where everyone gets drunk, stuffs their bellies with delicious food, and dances the night away.

Vikings knew how to party since some celebrations lasted for days after the wedding. Your wedding should have lots of craft mead, smoked meats, bread, fruits, and even porridge.

  1. Celebrate With Viking Games

There are so many incredible Viking wedding ideas when it comes to entertainment after the wedding ceremony. What better way to celebrate your new lifelong partnership than by getting silly with your closest friends and family?

From ax throwing to archery and bride-running, the possibilities are endless. You could even create a festival vibe by setting up all of your favorite outdoor games.

Are You Thinking About Hosting a Viking-themed Wedding?

If you and your partner love Norse traditions, then planning a Viking-themed wedding could be the perfect way to commemorate your lifelong commitment to each other. Not only will you create tons of beautiful memories, but you can also feel great about hosting a unique wedding that’s unlike anything else your guests have attended.

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