The Best Gemstones for Engagement Jewelry


Some of the most iconic royals and celebrities of the last few decades, from Princess Diana to Halle Berry, have accepted proposals with colorful gemstone engagement rings. This is good news for people looking to emulate these icons on a budget since colored stones are often more affordable than the traditional diamond for engagement rings. Keep reading to learn about the best gemstones for engagement jewelry so that you can pick your favorite color choice.

Emerald: Shades of Green and Inclusions

If you think you’d like a yellow-green, pure green, or blue-green stone for your engagement ring, then emerald is the right choice. This stone is quite durable, but it can often have visible “inclusions,” which are evidence of other materials that became trapped within the mineral as the stone was created. They can appear as cracks, and if they’re near the surface, they can lead to chipping. However, you should be able to find an emerald with minimal inclusions so that you wear your green stone with pride.

Moissanite: Dazzling Diamond Alternative

Moissanite originated from a meteorite strike in Arizona thousands of years ago, but today, most of these stones are grown in labs. Despite this—or perhaps because of it—moissanite is clear like a diamond, but it’s even higher on the refractive scale than its all-natural twin. If you want a sparkly, clear, ethically sourced stone for your engagement ring, then moissanite is a perfect choice.

Corundum: Ruby and Sapphire

Rubies and sapphires are both members of the corundum gem family, rubies being red and sapphires coming in all other colors of the rainbow. Similar to emeralds, both can have inclusions, but they’re extremely durable, and clean gems shouldn’t be too hard to find. If you want a strong, colorful ring, you can’t go wrong with a sapphire or ruby.

Topaz: Perfect Pastels

The most common color of topaz is blue, but you can also find it in shades of pink, yellow, and peach. Topaz can even be clear as a diamond. It isn’t quite as hard as gems such as sapphire, but it’s still quite durable, and the traditional blue stones come in much larger formations than other gems. People looking for a large, eye-catching stone will love topaz. 

Emerald, moissanite, sapphire, ruby, and topaz are the best gemstones for engagement jewelry due to their durability and color options. By choosing one of these gems, you’ll have a unique ring that’s reminiscent of royals and Hollywood stars.


Felicia Priedel
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