Haute in the Heat: 3 Ways To Style Ankle Boots This Summer


Women have worn western-style boots for centuries, and we have continued to adapt the styles for just as long. Booties, or ankle boots, entered the women’s fashion world in the 1800s alongside Wellington boots and cowgirl boots. We continue to style these different footwear options for various seasons and occasions. If you want to wear boots this summer, ankle boots are your best option. They’re versatile to style and comfortable even in the heat. Keep reading to learn three ways to style your ankle boots this summer.

Fancy Fits

If you want to dress up your ankle boots and wear them for a fancy event like a summer wedding, you can do that. All it takes is knowing how to style them. Ankle boots look best with either mini or midi skirts and dresses, so choose one of those options that’s appropriate for your fancy event. Make sure the material is fancy-dress appropriate too.

Woman dressing up ankle boots imagesPhoto: Pexels/Cottonbro

Chiffon, silk, crepe, and satin are the best materials for fancy summer dress codes because they’re lightweight but elegant. If you’ve chosen a skirt, choose a complimentary blouse that will look good tucked into the said skirt. This will heighten the elegance of your outfit. Stick to light, neutral, and natural colors to avoid overheating at outside events.

Work Wardrobe

Despite our desire to relax all summer as we did in grade school, most of us will be working through the summer. Luckily, our favorite ankle boots can come with us to work too. If you work in an office with a dress code, brown or black boots will work best, but you may be able to wear boots of another color on a casual Friday. For weekday wear, pair your ankle boots with skinny-leg dress pants that taper at the ankle.

woman-wearing-ankle-boots-imagePhoto: Jean Luc Catarin/Unsplash

Skinny-leg pants will stay close to your body so you can better show off your boots, and a tapered ankle should give you about an inch of space between the end of the pant leg and the top of the boot. An inch of space is ideal for showing off your boots. Choose the color of your pants based on your boot color. Wear warm colors with brown boots and cool colors with black boots. Add an appropriate blouse, and you’ll be good to go.

Casual Courtier

Casual summer wear doesn’t have to mean endless flip-flops and sandals. You can wear your ankle boots while running errands or heading to your friend’s house. Start with a pair of comfortable denim shorts, ideally shorter than your knees, and a t-shirt. If you want to wear a cropped t-shirt or tuck your t-shirt in, add a belt that matches the color of your boots. Leaving your t-shirt loose is okay, but try to wear one with a little more structure to complement the elevated style your boots bring to your casual look.

You can look haute in the heat with these three ankle boot styles this summer. Whether you wear them to a fancy event, work, or while hanging out, ankle boots add flair and sophistication to your outfit. Booties have been complimenting women’s outfits for centuries, and you should feel confident keeping up this style.


Felicia Priedel
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