3 Reasons to Have a Regular Body Massage


Massage is associated primarily with pleasure, relaxation, and relaxation. Almost everyone dreams about him after a long and difficult day, while massage treatments bring a number of health benefits. Amongst the diseases and diseases typical for our time are degenerations of the spine and joints. For this reason, in the coming years, the demand for well-prepared for their profession will grow, which with their work will contribute to saving human health and increasing the comfort of life.

Everyone should take care of the massage therapist, especially people working in front of the computer as well as performing hard physical work. In this case, having a body massage is not only for relaxing but also for health benefits

Here are three reinforced concrete reasons to do this regularly:

1. Studies have shown that daily massage increases the number of lymphocytes responsible for our immunity, and improves their quality. Thus, the body’s ability to resist diseases, including cancer, increases.

2. In hypertensive patients, the blood pressure (BP) decreases by 18–20 mm Hg.

If a person has high blood pressure, it means that the vessels experience constant spasms. The heart is working for wear, pushing blood through them. During the massage, in particular, the back of the blood rushes to the spine. And the one that circulates freely in the system becomes a bit smaller.

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In addition, during the massage, the patient lays on the table for 40 to 50 minutes in the most relaxed way. The parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for calm) begins to dominate the sympathetic. The man is relaxing. Stress recedes. The spasm of the vessels decreases, they expand. BP is reduced.

3. It is proven that massage reduces muscle pain. Here’s how it works: pain means that muscle spasm is in this place. So, the muscles are poorly supplied with blood – the vessels are pinched. This, in turn, causes an even greater muscle spasm. The circle is closed.

The massage relaxes the muscles and stops the spiral of pain. Moreover, under the hands of the masseur, morphine-like substances, which act as an anesthetic, are released into the blood of his patient.

By the way, Abdominal massage helps fight constipation, increasing intestinal tone. In Sweden, two groups of patients with constipation were compared. One took laxatives. The second was saved by a belly massage.

It turned out that the latter method is more effective than pills! And he has no contraindications and everyone can help himself. The main thing is to remember that massage movements must be performed strictly clockwise, as food moves in our intestines.

Foot massage (foot) can also be done independently. Knead and rub the arch of the foot, toes, heel. When exposed to active points, of which there are many on the foot, the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for rest and rest) is activated and mood-improving substances endorphins and even happiness hormone serotonin is produced.

Modern classical massage is sometimes called interchangeably Swedish, it is the most popular massage and the most universal type of massage. Massage is a physical action that is using the strength of pressure and friction to deform tissues in a specific way for a specific purpose.

Massage has a positive effect on well-being, causing the production of endorphins and relaxation. Activates the parasympathetic system responsible for relaxation and regeneration while reducing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, responsible for mobilization and fight. Massage reduces fatigue by removing metabolic products and improving blood circulation. The effect of this mechanism is better oxygenation and nutrition of tissues. Thanks to the massage, we can get rid of mineral deposits from tissues that accumulate for years, changing the structure of muscles and connective tissue (tendons, ligaments).

Long-lasting stress makes our muscles permanently tense and overloaded. Blood can not circulate well enough to provide the body with the necessary nutrients and to discharge metabolic metabolites. There are lymph stasis, swollen feet, varicose veins, and other health problems. A well-made massage reduces muscle tension which allows blood and lymph circulation circulate freely.

Regularly applied massage improves the quality of sleep, operation of the motor and nervous system for a long time. The effect of massage on the quality of the skin is also important. As a result of friction, the dead keratinized epidermis is removed. Pores cleanse, the skin “breathes” better, it becomes hydrated and absorbs active substances from cosmetics better. The network of the capillaries of the skin is stimulated. It improves blood circulation, which reduces cellulite, improves tone and smoothness. The density of collagen in this stimulated skin increases significantly thanks to which wrinkles and refractions become shallow.

The richness of massage techniques is not limited only to the impact on structures and tissues. Many methods of massage are based on the philosophy of the unity of the mind with the body, the combination of religion and spirituality. An example of such massage is Ayurvedic or Hawaiian Lomi Lomi being an element of Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

These types of treatments are usually combined in so-called “rituals” where it also affects the sense of hearing and smell. To enhance the experience, music, gong sounds, essential oils, aromatic incense or even psychoactive substances are used.

In particular regions of the world, there are proper schools of massage art proper to the culture and methods propagated by them. During the trip, we strongly urge you to use local massage facilities. Well worth it!




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