Stephanie Linus’ Surprised 39th Birthday Came With Spa Treatment


In a world where celebrity marriages don’t seem to work anymore, Linus Idahosa, the husband of Stephanie Linus knew just how to make his woman feel special. 

After he was clearly informed by the wife that she’d keep her birthday celebration lowkey this year, Idahosa went ahead arranging a birthday bash that left the actress completely astonished. According to Stephanie, ‘she woke up to a spa treatment, bright shining lights, beautiful balloons, flowers, gifts, and more.’

Sharing some snaps with fans on Instagram, the actress wore an asymmetrical wrap white dress, accessorized with stud earrings, beads necklace, bangles, and a brown handbag. She wore her hair in a pixie cut and finished off with a red pout.

Another surprise birthday from my hubby,” the actress narrated. “I told him that this year I just wanted to have a lazy day, sit at home, eat, watch movies with him, and do literally nothing but this man just can’t stop pulling surprises…”

She added: “So, I woke up to a spa treatment that took a very long while 👀, then boom… I dressed up and came downstairs to the whole house lit up with bright shining lights, beautiful balloons, flowers, gifts and decor.😍🥰😍.”

The mother-of-one also described her husband as ‘soulmate’ as she declared her love for him.


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The actress also shared a video of the birthday bash where she showed off some dancing moves.


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From the look of the video, the Boonville Redemption star clearly had a blast taking up the dancing floor after a luxurious and relaxing body massage. Stephanie married Linus Idahosa in Paris, at a private wedding ceremony in 2012. They are blessed with a son, Maxwell Enosata Linus. 


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