The Things Jackie Aina Have Learned Since Getting Engaged


Life after getting engaged is a huge step to your marital life. It starts the moment you say “Yes,” and whatever comes afterward is guided by the decision of that day. To be honest, life after wedding engagement is a different ball game from when you were just dating because the relationship has now entered a new phase. It’s the time in which the couple’s life begins, a time to make plans and decisions together with your partner, a time you’d want to flush out some friends as you are officially under the process of departing the single girl’s gang. 

Having been engaged to her longtime boyfriend Denis Asamoah since August 2019 and was unable to walk down the aisle last year due to the pandemic, it’s no doubt Jackie Aina understands more than a thing about life after engagement and before marriage. In her latest video, the 34-year-old Nigerian-American beauty YouTuber dishes out some of the things young women need to be mindful of after getting the engagement ring. Watch the video below!


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