Demand For Lipsticks Booms As England Relaxes Its Mask-Wearing Restrictions


After months of compulsory wearing of face masks, England will today relax its restrictions. This comes after the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, ruled that today 19 July will be the end of England’s lockdown. 

However, as shops, night clubs and workplaces reopen, the demand for lipsticks is reportedly booming. According to Dailymail report, ‘lipsticks are flying off the shelves as women return to the office and gear up for nights out on the town.’

One of the leading makeup brands in the UK, No 7 Beauty, is even predicting that there’s an indication that the sales will jump in the coming weeks. As per the statistics, ‘there was a 61 percent surge in the number of lipsticks sold between April and June compared with the first quarter’ and this is as a result of the gradual lifting of lockdown.

Photo: Radu Florin/Unsplash

“We are expecting to see a lipstick and lip gloss boom,” Grace Vernon, a representative of No 7 Beauty said. “Women are relishing the fact that they can finally coat their lips without worrying it has smudged all over their face and onto the lining of their masks.”

However, if you are leaving in this region, there are a few important changes worthy of note. 

  • Social distancing is completely a history now as there are no limits to how many people can meet. 
  • Face masks are no longer required by law, although the government still “expects and recommends” you to wear them in crowded and enclosed spaces.
  • There are also no limits on guests at weddings and funerals.
  • As well as other events such as concerts, theatres or sports events.



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