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There are many ways that you can repurpose old clothes. Even something like an old cowboy boot can find new life with a little bit of creativity.

  Is it okay to wear a beanie in warm weather? Beanies can be the perfect accessory for summer layering. Some people might think that wearing a beanie ...

When it comes to lash extensions, you want the style of your dreams, not lashes that make you look too sleepy or fake. Choose the best lash style for you!

When you get dressed every day, the clothes you choose make an impression on your outlook going forward. How do those fashion choices affect you?

Although fashion trends change all the time, there are a few specific outfits you should always keep in your closet to ensure you’re ready for anything.

  You work hard and play hard, but doing a lot means you must also take the time you deserve to decompress. After a long day of work, you deserve to ...

  You want to give him something unique, so you're branching out from ties, socks, and shirts. Consider these three things when choosing jewelry for a ...

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