5 Reasons Why Weddings Are More Expensive Than Ever


There’s no denying that weddings are way more expensive than ever before and the reasons could be attributed to variable factors. 

However, one of the happiest moments in the life of anyone is the day he/she is set to wed. That feeling of finally realizing that you’re soon going to wear your dream wedding dress and walking down the aisle while all eyes are on you.

Weddings are a beautiful thing and an experience to have, no matter what societal raves are against it. Because of the beauty in the idea of a wedding, the people involved tend to invest so much money in making a sweet memory out of it. An average wedding literally costs so much that you may begin you wonder why you’re not buying lands or stocks or even investing in other worthy stuff with the money instead. Even more puzzling is the rising inconsistencies of these costs.

If you’ve ever planned a wedding or just looking at the budget of your own wedding, you may quickly develop cold feet and question all of the reasons for which you are going into that marriage bargain in the first place. Truth is, there are no better ways to save for a wedding except when it’s properly planned within a budget and in tune with the economy of the season.

Post-Covid ’19, there have been so many big projections on weddings as weddings began to make a huge comeback after the hiatus. Because of this situation, vendors and planners have made it so surprising to behold the estimated cost of a local wedding.

Keep reading to find out the reasons why weddings are now more expensive than ever:

The Food Factor

Asides from the logistics involving the location and venue of your wedding, one large expectancy in a wedding ceremony is food. Guests want to feel important and the only way to ensure this is to give them food and food again, if possible. Thankfully, there are more advanced and executive approaches to serving your guests these days, and all of these still require a fortune. Be rest assured that a large chunk of your monetary budget is going into this aspect of the wedding. Funnily, as food vendors evolve, their charges evolve as well and it can get really expensive from there.

Cultural Expectations

After the huge amount of money budgeted, the couple who decide to go ahead with their wedding encounter a lot of pressure to throw a huge and opulent wedding reception. These expectations, coming from the family and even the media all contribute to setting outrageous financial goals for a wedding and this could be an issue along the line.

Weddings often bring with them a lot more cultural expectations, especially when money is involved. This naturally leads to couples feeling obligated to set a certain standard for their wedding day in order to maintain a positive public image.

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Adventure and Creativity

Adventure and creativity have a huge impact on the wedding cost. The fact remains that if you are considering a fancy or destination wedding, say you are taking your heartthrob to the Caribbean from another end of the earth just to say “I do”, then you’re up for a lot of proper planning which requires good cash in your pockets. From the wedding ceremony to the reception, to the logistics in between, the money you spend is so obvious.

This quest for adventure and creativity gives your vendors in this area the leverage to automatically markup. You want an unforgettable memory on your big day? Not bad; just be ready to bear the costs.

The ‘Once In A Life Time’ Mentality

With this mentality, many couples tend to throw the idea of saving into the air and embrace so much irrational spending all because weddings do not happen twice in a person’s life. Away from how badly it inflates your expenses, it’s an absolute disregard for your budget and for the values of wisdom that should be brought into a marriage. The expensive nature of this mentality does not just affect you, it also affects some of your guests and family members by influencing them to think about some of the most expensive gifts to buy for you.

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The Social Media Dream

There’s a lot to thank social media for and there are also countless negative impacts social media has done on people’s wedding budgets. While it’s ideal to tap inspiration from your favorite wedding videos on Instagram, all fingers are not the same. Ensure to keep your expenses within your wedding budget, don’t go overboard because of the social media fantasy. But however, we still love Instagram-worthy weddings, regardless. 

How to Avoid Incurring Extra Wedding Expenses

The key to avoiding unnecessary expenses around your wedding is to deeply inquire about how you may arrange your perfect day within your own budget. Away from the effects which the reasons above have on your wedding plan, what are the financial resolve of you and your partner towards your own wedding? Remember it’s your wedding and regardless of whatever expectations or inflations rising, sticking to your plan and working with it is absolutely amazing.

It might be difficult to set a budget and stick to it but how about you make sure everything you’re spending on is reasonable and totally worth all of the pennies? Remember how badly you don’t want to run into debt. Remember how vital saving some money is important for starting your marriage. Don’t ever forget!


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