Engagement Ring

5 Simple Ways to Propose to Your Partner

Marriage Proposal Image

  Over 1.8 million couples get engaged every year! Is this year your year to be part of that number?  You've probably been trying to figure out the perfect proposal since you first decided ...

How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring

How to choose the best engagement ring image

  Did you know that about 70% of proposers make their final ring choice less than two months before the actual proposal? If you're feeling like you're running out of time to find the best ...

3 Types of Diamonds For Engagement Rings

Photo of diamond engagement ring

  After the diamond engagement ring was first used in 1477, it has been valued and sought after by lovers throughout the centuries. Now, it's the first choice of engagement ring for buyers. ...

4 Genius Ways To Choose Unique Wedding Rings

Photo of bride and groom showing off their wedding ring

When it comes to picking out the perfect or unique wedding rings, many couples find themselves at a loss. With so many different styles and designs to choose from, it can be hard to know where to ...

Jennifer Lopez And Her Many Engagement Rings

Photo of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Together

  The years gone by have witnessed many flashes of expensive engagement rings from the serial screen goddess, Jennifer Lopez, and just recently, amidst media criticisms that had gone down, ...

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