See The New “Orixa” Collection By Badesere Named After Yoruba Deity


Nigerian eponymous fashion brand Badesere has unveiled their latest collection titled “Orixa”. The collection which is named after a deity of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria climaxes with the Ankara fabric.

Orixa features a glittering array of pret-a-porter pieces including pants with sheer detailing, sheer shirts, and tank tops to match.

According to the creative director Badesere, “the collection was inspired by the awakening of consciousness, the love of self, and the whole acceptance of my Africanism. Before now, we have been taught that our gods are useless and that our traditions are hostile and barbaric, while in a true sense it’s full of life and lessons.

The sheer represents our source of livelihood in the riverine area of Lagos, which is our fishing net, while the Ankara embodies our identity as Africans.”

Photography: Instagram/sammiephotomagic

Model: Instagram/pa3lo.pa3lo



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