See All The Looks From The New ATAFO’s Couture Bridal Collection


Whether there’s a pandemic or not, love will always rule the roost.

The next time you need a bridal dress, Atafo is there for you. The Nigerian fashion brand has released a collection of couture wedding dresses with a range of styles in ultra-feminine forms and silhouettes. The collection features feline lace material, along with sewn corsets, delicately cut panels, and dramatic trains ‘intimately hand-stitched with stones to create intricate patterns fit for memorable ceremonies.’ And if the designs seem rather gorgeous and high fashion, it’s because the founder and creative director Mai Atafo is the one behind the creation of the pieces.

According to Atafo, the collection was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic as the time of the lockdown proved to the world that what matters most in life are ‘kindness, love, affection, intimacy, family.’

“At the start of the pandemic, everything was thrown into chaos and I tried to fight it but eventually,” the brand said in a statement. “You give in, because you finally acknowledge that it’s bigger than you. And after much mandatory introspection, It became clear, the things that mattered were the simpler things – kindness, love, affection, intimacy, family.”

It continued, “Suddenly, small wedding parties and zoom weddings felt more intimate, more important. Recognizing that, it’s a no-brainer that the @atafo.bridal collection features feline lace, in sewn corsets, delicately cut panels and fabulous trains from fabric intimately hand-stitched with stones to create intricate patterns fit for memorable ceremonies.”  Ahead, continue clicking through the gallery to see all the pieces in the collection.

Anita Jose
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