The One Wardrobe Staple Bolanle Olukanni Use To Hide Her Belly Fat


When it comes to hiding the belly fat, a full high-waisted midi skirt deserves a major shout-out. The breezy piece not only fits a range of personal styles, it’s also a staple where most women use in concealing some body flaws. Whether you’re trying to hide your pot belly or make your waist looks smaller, wearing a full skirt is the easiest solution. In case you need a little more convincing, media gal Bolande Olukanni just affirmed its magical power. She posted on her page alongside her picture — “How to hide the belly fat 101″ 😜 👉🏾high waisted full skirts help make the waist look smaller and can hide belly’s that haven’t submitted to your ab workouts.”

So you see? Check her out below and if you’ve been looking for the right staple, full skirt is the key.


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