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Everyone who cares about nails knows how disturbing distorted nails are. Nobody wants that, for real. We all love the idea of “prim and proper” especially when it comes to dealing with evident body parts such as the nails. Not to talk about the burst of confidence that neat and well-kept nails stir. Now, the term “structure” brings all of its literal reinforcement to revamping your nails. If you’re looking at taking up a nail routine that is both durable and protective, you may want to explore the structured gel manicure. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Structured Gel Manicure.

What is a structured gel manicure?

A structured gel manicure is a gel nail application that is thicker and much more concentrated than simply brushing on your gel product, as with a Shellac or Gelish manicure. The design is simply to prevent your nails from breakage, discoloration, ridges, annoying hangnails, and broken edges. As already established, it reinforces your nails but with the supportive layer of a rubber-based gel. Instead of applying your nail products alone, a base coat is added to provide better coverage and strengthening for your natural nails.

The beauty of wearing a structured manicure

There are obvious advantages to wearing a structured manicure. These advantages are layered under the following facts:

  • It can be done on anyone’s nails, no matter how short or long they are.
  • It is versatile no doubt, but not associated with harsh fumes.
  • With its thick viscosity, it is intended to improve damaged, uneven, or troublesome nail plates. As a result, the nail will become stronger and more durable.
  • It is damage-free and it is breathable —a quality that makes it compatible with both strong and weak nails. However, as much as it won’t harm your nails, you will also need to be cautious when applying it and take it to a nail salon for removal.
  • It is long-lasting, with the option of filling it in when it grows out. It’s a beautiful thing to know that nail polishes no longer need to be changed every day or two.
  • Another beauty of structured gel is that it is applied similarly to gel polish. This means that it is thin enough that you won’t notice the extra layer but strong enough that you will notice the reinforcement.

How long does a structured gel manicure last?

This manicure lasts approximately 4-6 weeks and leaves your nails with a continuous glossy shine that is very fashionable. To avoid fading, it is recommended that you apply your gel manicure cleanly. Please don’t try to peel it off when you’re ready to remove it. Instead, soak your nails in acetone, wrap them in cotton balls and foil, or visit a professional nail technician. The removal of the structured gel is a delicate process.

Is structured manicure trending?

Yes, please! Structured gel manicures are the newest chic nail trends that everyone is obsessed with right now, for the most beautiful of reasons stated above. As a result, they’re quickly becoming one of the most popular and well-liked ways to get longer, stronger nails.

How to DIY structured Manicure

One of the advantages of doing your own gel nails at home is that it is less expensive than going to a salon. But looking for a good nail salon with good manicure options and absolutely high-quality service to get your nail structured isn’t a bad idea as well. However, if you still insist on doing it yourself, the following tips and steps will be useful. Before you start, take a deep breath and relax; it takes a lot of time to get it done.

  • Cut, clean, and file your nails to a smooth finish.
  • Apply cuticle oil to soften your nail beds but wash your hands afterward to remove all of the oil.
  • Buff your nails from edge to edge with a buffer for a long-lasting manicure. Clean the residue with an alcohol wipe after buffing.
  • On your nails, apply a base coat. It serves as the basis for any structured gel manicure. Cure your nails in your UV lamp for up to 30 seconds after applying a base coat.
  • You can now apply your gel polish. You can use any color gel polish you want, and cure your nails with your UV light between each coat until you have a nice, filmy, and non-transparent color.
  • Apply a gel top coat to your nails to finish then cure them under your lamp one last time. You might also want to apply some cuticle oil to it to help hydrate it.

Please note: The process of structuring your nails needs absolute care. New York-based nail stylist, Elle Gerstein compares the procedure to “laying a tile floor on a good mud job. If you don’t do the mud job correctly, what’s going to happen to the tile? It’s going to crack.”

For prep, the nail should be lightly buffed and dehydrated during the application process. Before you attempt a DIY structured gel manicure, make sure you have the necessary stuff for it. You can either buy a gel nail kit online or buy all the pieces separately. But quite important should be the availability of the following:

  • A UV or LED lamp.
  • Cuticle oil.
  • A nail buff.
  • A top coat.
  • A base coat.
  • And gel nail polish.

The structured nail gel may seem a little complex to achieve but its aftermath will keep your nails strengthened. The truth is that there is no better way to pamper your nails than with a high-end gel manicure such as this. Quite interesting and beautiful too is to know that a little nail art structure, a few coats of polish, and a trendy color can give you a good dose of confidence. We recommend that you give it a try and see how it works for you.


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