4 Effective Ways To Fade Adult Acne Scarring


It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20s or 60s; acne scarring is something that can affect adults of all ages and leave you feeling self-conscious about your skin. While some scars may be relatively minor and fade over time, others can be much more prominent, dark, and deep, and require more intense and targeted treatments in order to make a difference. If you’re currently dealing with acne scarring, no matter how minor or severe, and want to find effective methods, treatments, and products to help them appear less noticeable, these tips will prove to be helpful.

1. Vitamin C

When it comes to hero products for the skin, Vitamin C is right up there with the most beneficial and potent items to reach for. Vitamin C is well known for being able to fade hyperpigmentation on the skin, which includes acne scarring. It works to brighten the skin and also encourages your skin to produce collagen. It can even help to prevent future hyperpigmentation from forming when used on a regular basis. You can find Vitamin C serums, moisturizers, spot treatments, and lotions.

2. Retinol

Another product to reach for is retinol which is actually Vitamin A. This particular product works to encourage your cell turnover, which in turn helps to fade dark spots. Keep in mind that the retinol you find in stores won’t be as strong as prescription strength. You can always start with a lower strength of retinol and work your way up if results aren’t happening fast enough, or they aren’t noticeable enough.

3. AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Then there are AHAs or alpha hydroxy acids. These are meant to exfoliate your skin so that you can peel away those dark pigmentation layers. Just like with other products, you will find different strengths and concentrations of AHAs and it’s usually wise to start with something mild and work your way up. If you have sensitive skin, it will be especially important to start with something mild and see how your skin reacts.

The trick with AHAs is to get it just right. If you over-use them, you’ll find that your skin dries out; underuse them, and you won’t get results. This can require a little trial and error figuring out what product and what frequency is best for you.

4. Deep Scarring Requires More Targeted Treatments

If you are dealing with deep scarring caused by acne, then you’re going to need something much stronger and more targeted. For many adults out there, these scars may be decades old, which only makes them more prominent as the skin starts to lose its elasticity. The best treatment for acne scars such as these tends to include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and/or laser skin resurfacing. It really comes down to how deep the scarring is, how much scarring you have, and the results you’re after. These treatments can not only offer more noticeable results but faster results as well.

If you have acne scarring that makes you feel self-conscious or that you have always wanted to fade, the good news is that there are many products out there that can help you do just that.


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