4 Amazing Tips to Prevent Hair loss


The human hair adds to the beauty and panache of everyone no matter the gender. Interestingly, it can be styled in different fashionable ways to suit the taste of the individual.

However, there are some people who are battling with hair loss and are yet to figure out how to prevent their hairline from receding. To help find a solution, we’re sharing helpful tips you can use to prevent hair loss.

Use Coconut Oil

This recommended for women who use assorted cosmetics products for their hair. It is advisable to adopt coconut oil as their hair cream as the oil can make the hair stronger, tougher and moisturized. It is a perfect anti-hair loss cream and can be purchased at any retail outlet available. 

Photo: Gift Habeshaw/Unsplash


Reduce chemical/Dye use

Women are more susceptible to their hair falling off because they use a lot of chemicals and dyes for their hair. This is done in the name of looking good. However, a few weeks later, their natural hair will start falling off. Like earlier mentioned, it is better to use coconut oil or carry your natural hair.

Eat Better

The hair requires nutrients, especially iron, to grow and prevent its loss. Regular consumption of spinach, soybeans, beans, eggs, and fish will make much difference by halting hair loss. This is why you have to eat right and eat better to forestall hair loss.

Photo: Anthony Tran/Unsplash


Stress is another major cause of hair loss. So, if you are encountering this problem, it is advisable to take as much rest as you can.


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