10 Myths Surrounding The Pixie Haircut

Photo of woman wearing pixie haircut - Fashion Police Nigeria

  So many women are frequently misunderstood when they express a desire to get a pixie haircut. Whatever their reason for going on low cuts, there will be a lot of people who would think it ...

Fulani Braids: Everything You Need To Know

Gorgeous Fulani Braids Hairstyle Inspiration

  When it comes to making protective hairstyles, two things are involved; number one is it has to protect the hair of course and number two is, it has to slay! One protective style that has ...

How To Make Your Lace Wig Look Like Scalp

How to Make Your Lace Wig Look Like Scalp

  Wearing a wig has been a life-saver for many women. It's just a big part of us, especially those lazy days that going to the salon doesn't feel much-needed because it's so easy to throw on ...

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