Juliet Ibrahim Shares Her Top 10 Wedding Songs For Brides


Planning a successful wedding is not an easy feat. From choosing your dream wedding dress to choosing a venue and planning the wedding party plus everything in-between, it can feel pretty daunting if you don’t have any help. To take some burden off your shoulders, Juliet Ibrahim is sharing her top 10 wedding songs for brides. In her latest Youtube video, the actress opined that people in Ghana and Nigeria needs to step up when it comes to choosing the right song for their wedding, citing the fact that wedding is the celebration of love. “Today we are talking about my top 10 love songs that I feel people need to use as their wedding songs,” the actress said. She further stated that it’s strange when songs like Zanku or Azonto are being played at a wedding.

“Isn’t it funny how people nowadays when they do weddings in Africa, let’s say Nigeria and Ghana for instance,” the actress continued. “All you get to here are some Zankus or Azonto. It’s strange. I thought wedding was more like a celebration of love and people coming together.” Go ahead and watch the video to see her choice of songs and let us know your thoughts.



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