Guide To Discovering Your Personal Style

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Sometimes discovering your personal style is like working so hard to discover your own God-given talent. It is no doubt that we all have different personal styles when it comes to our sartorial life, and as you know three persons can not dress the same way having the same dress. Of course, it must be in a complete different way. Our styles varies, and some of us were lucky to know it right from the childhood, while some are still unsure of their signature styles. Who what wear asked its editors how they found their personal styles, and we are inspired to share it.   

“I don’t know that I’ve necessarily ‘found’ my personal style, but it’s certainly come a long way from in high school when someone referred to me as ‘the girl who wears a lot of pink.’ My tip for narrowing in on what works for you is to view your closet with a curator’s eye. Ask yourself, Does this piece reflect my current sense of self and style? If it doesn’t, get rid of it. When your closet is a more accurate representation of the pieces that sing to your soul, it’s easier to define your signature look.” – Kat Collings (Editorial director)


“I grew up wearing a uniform to school, so my style has always had a night-out or weekend-ready vibe, since that’s the only time I could really experiment with clothing choices. Naturally, this caused a love for evening clothes and a lack of office-ready essentials. To even out my wardrobe, I’ve learned to look for items that can easily transition from day to night, like this silky tank.” – Michelle Scanga (Editor)


“When I first became interested in fashion, I felt obligated to experiment with everything, but I’ve come to understand that I feel most comfortable and confident in well-made, simple pieces that can be incorporated into fresh styling combinations. I’ve also learned how much I love denim! My personal style (at least as of right now) could probably be best described as a French-inspired tomboy who likes to spice it up from time to time.” – Nicole Kliest (Style director)


“As I get nearer to 30 years old with each passing day, I think it’s fair to say that I come closer and closer to nailing down my own personal style. Over the years, I’ve dabbled in a number of different style aesthetics, from a rock ‘n’ roll biker leather phase to a time when I could never wear enough statement jewelry (this one is still kind of happening…). And even though at nearly 30 I definitely feel that I know my own style better than I did before, I do think it’s a never-ending journey. As a woman whose body will continue to change as I get older, I think my taste in clothes will as well—I seriously doubt what I’m wearing today will be something I’d choose to wear at age 50, 60, or beyond.” – Nicole Blalock (Managing director)


“I’ve gone through many phases in my life. There was the preppy phase, the only-Abercrombie phase, the awkward ‘trying to be a fashion kid’ phase, but it wasn’t until a few years ago when I became more comfortable in my skin that I pinpointed exactly what my style means to me—minimal, downtown, cool (or trying to be, anyway). While I tend to gravitate toward black and neutral colors, it’s the small details that make my outfits—a touch of leather, cool zipper accent, and so on. While my style really is always evolving, this is me for now.” – Bobby (Senior editor)


“The best advice for finding your style is to have patience—there’s no fast track, and it takes a lot of so-called slip-ups to really understand what you like and don’t like. When I was younger, like most people, I was overly concerned with what other people considered stylish, which led me to wear a lot of things that I wasn’t actually comfortable in—skirts that were too tight, for example—but I also had some really experimental phases that were equally cringeworthy. I’ve since learned that simpler is better for me and my life, with a few quirky touches here and there. I just don’t want to wear anything that I’ll have to fuss over or adjust throughout the day, and find muted tones to be most flattering against my strong features.” – Jessica Schiffer (Fashion editor)


 “I think that on the outside, my style is constantly changing, but to me it’s always been the same, because I’ve stuck to simply wearing whatever I like. That can be something super-trendy one day or really classic the next—as long as I feel confident in it (and it’s tailored perfectly), it’s my style.” – Nicole (Style editor)

What is your personal style? Have you found it or not? Please share with us in the comment box.



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