Here’s The Breakdown Of Kate Middleton’s India Tour Wardrobe Spending


Looking good has never been cheap — from hair, makeup, earrings, necklace, the dress, bag, and the shoes — this is not a piece of cake — we need to work, work, work, people!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge had a seven-day royal tour of India and Bhutan. And during the tour, she made 18 different outfits changes — which comprised of gowns, skirts, shirts, dresses and more. 

Thanks to the people at E! Online, who broke down every cost analysis of her outfits. The Duchess had a great fashion moments wearing 40 pieces from different designers. Okay, we get it! Being the Duchess of Cambridge is a big this, but this is absolutely jealous-worthy. Scroll down to see for yourself or scoot over to E! Online for the full breakdown of Kate Middleton’s outfits. And if you’re surprised, tell us in the comments below!



Photo: Cosmopolitan

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