12 Gold Nail Ideas For When You Need An Understated Glitter

It’s all about luxury when it comes to gold. And for when you want to add a touch of sparkle to your nails without going over-the-top, gold nail breaks the mold. 

Gold nails have been around for centuries and worn by royalty and celebrities. The timeless metal looks just as good on nails as it does on jewelry. Plus you’ll have different shades of gold to pick from – ranging from champagne gold to rose gold, white gold, metallic gold, and more. On top of that, nail artists are coming up with understatedly gold nail designs on the regular. So ahead, indulge your manicure obsession with these glitzy gold nail ideas that will have you showing off your nails with aplomb.

This nail design screams gorgeous! What could go wrong with blue and gold? Definitely not this dazzling mix of beauty. 

Keep your nails colorful and exciting with this perfect mix of blue and gold. To achieve this design, start off by coating your base nail blue and give it a perfect finish by slanting across gold glitters.

Swirls are a popular choice in the nail art world but it is not very often you see gorgeous black and gold swirls on nude-painted nails. This Midas-touch-inspired nail design is effortlessly elegant and steals the show!

Here’s a gold nail idea that should prompt your next visit to your manicurist. Sometimes the simplest things are the most elegant, like these perfect gold swirls on nude-painted nails. Indeed, less is more and if you’re looking to keep it simple and chic, then this minimalist gold-dripping nail design is a perfect option.


God Wonderland

If you’re feeling adventurous, you may want to try out this daring and royal nail style. You can alternate between rose gold and champagne gold to rock these nails elegantly. Decorate with some gold gems and snowflakes to give it that elegant festive look.

Be a queen in your own right by rocking and flaunting this classic and timeless gold French nail design. Natural beige nail polish, French gold tips, and a lovely outline of gold half-moons are all featured in this design.


Gold Contour

This nail design is for you if you want to paint your own nails or have some DIY fun. Begin with neutral or cream nail polish and finish with shimmering gold polish at the tips.

This one-of-a-kind gala-inspired nail design has a lovely metallic gold flavor. The metallic finish is striking and will complement any outfit. This nail design is ideal for your next special occasion.

This is the perfect manicure for you if you want to keep it light and neutral. A splash of nude polish and an elegant display of gold marble effects is a great way to wear your gold polish elegantly. The design is also simple enough to recreate at home with just a few tools.

This hand-painted nail design is stunning and exudes vintage glamour. Enjoy some DIY fun while recreating this gold nail idea.

The gold stars on a crisp white base are alluring. The use of gold stars on nails is a relatively new nail art trend. Glittering gold stars on white-painted nails give off a burst of class and glamour. The gold stars are a great way to add glitz to an otherwise plain manicure.

Gold shimmers and half snowflakes are a perfect representation of the season. Any occasion this season would be appropriate for this straightforward and distinctive gold nail design.

This lovely ensemble of gold and green polish on nude nails or any other neutral color, of your choice, will energize you for the holiday season and spread the Christmas spirit.

Ruth Ekpo
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