This Is Why You Need Anti-Oxidants In Your Skincare


A good skincare routine is essential for healthy and glowing skin. Like most of us are already aware of, the most widely used skincare routine consists of three critical steps- Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

However, our skin faces pollution and sun exposure daily. It damages the skin on a cellular level, making it dull and lifeless. It also accelerates the signs of aging. In such cases, you have to include a significant part in your skincare routine- protection and repair.

Our skin goes through extensive damage almost regularly. Therefore, it may be necessary to protect and repair it. If you notice your skin is getting noticeably dull and damaged, it just requires some lovin’ repair. Read on to know how you can include a single product in your skincare regimen that will help you achieve healthy skin.

Daily exposure to pollution and sun exposure causes skin cells to produce free radicals. These damage the skin cells and accelerate the signs of aging. If you want healthy skin, you need to protect your skin from free radical damage. Want to know how you can protect your skin from this? Well, it is rather easy. Just include the super ingredient antioxidants in your skincare.

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You might have heard several beauty bloggers swear by the benefits of including antioxidants in their skincare routine. Well, all of it is true. These next-generation antioxidants are the new super ingredients in skincare products. They work wonders by curbing the free radical damage to the skin and help repair it from within. They have a host of other benefits to the skin as well. Read on to find out more.

Here are some reasons why you should include antioxidants in your skincare routine:

Antioxidants make your skin look refreshed and energized

Including antioxidants in your skincare routine will help refresh your skin. Just use a product with antioxidants at night, and you will find your skin, smoother, refreshed, and energized in the morning. It will also make your skin look even and refined over time. Delicate areas of the face like the skin under the eyes or around the lips, especially benefit from it.

Antioxidants help your skin fight against pollution

Pollution is one of the major contributors to skin damage. Minute particles in the air clog the skin pores, which may lead to dull skin and even acne. It can also damage the skin’s natural defense, destroy collagen, and give rise to many signs of aging such as dark spots and wrinkles. Regular use of antioxidants helps the skin fight the signs of aging and purify the skin by cleaning the pores.

Antioxidants help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier

Our skin’s moisture barrier is essential to maintain healthy skin. The moisture barrier helps protect the skin with the right amount of moisture. Damage to this makes the skin dry and dull. Using antioxidants every day will help your skin retain the right amount of moisture required to function effectively.

Antioxidants help in skin firming

Over time, our skin tends to sag due to gravity. The harsh rays of the sun and the constant exposure to the elements also deplete collagen production. This can give it an aging appearance. Antioxidants can help boost the production of collagen and make the skin supple and firmer, making it look young. It will also give your skin a toned look and feel.

It brightens the complexion and helps fight inflammation

A dull complexion is a very common skin-related complain. But there aren’t many products available on the market that effectively help lighten dark skin tone. Most of the lightening products contain bleaching agents that are quite harmful. However, including antioxidants in your daily routine can help you lighten your complexion. Antioxidants, mainly, vitamin C, fight the production of melanin and reduces the appearance of dark spots as well.

Help reduce the appearance of scars

Scars or wound marks on the face can be quite unappealing. Scar tissues have a different healing process, making them different from normal skin tissues. Antioxidants help in boosting blood supply to the scar and promote the development of new skin. It helps minimizes scars and helps lighten them.

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Antioxidants clean out pores and prevent acne

Clogged pores can lead to acne, which can be quite challenging to deal with. However, you can use the power of antioxidants now to clean out your pores and keep acne at bay. Regular use of antioxidants helps seal pores and prevent them from getting clogged, thereby reducing acne. The potent actives in antioxidants can also help repair ance pits.

With so many benefits, no wonder the beauty fanatics all going crazy about antioxidant-rich skincare products. However, there are certain things to keep in mind before including antioxidants in your skincare routine. Read on:

  • There are a lot of antioxidant ingredients available on the market. You can choose one depending on your end goal. If you are looking for anti-aging, antioxidants with vitamin C is very effective. Similarly, antioxidants with ferulic acid can help protect your skin from sun damage.
  • Always read reviews of antioxidant products before using them. This will help you gauge if the product is suitable for your skin type.
  • Antioxidants can take time to work on your skin. So, just be sure to be consistent with your routine. They can take over a month to show effective results.
  • While using antioxidants, you need to protect your skin against the sun. Using antioxidants can make your skin photosensitive.

In a nutshell, antioxidants are very effective when used in the right manner. Always remember that it takes time to work. Also, good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle will keep your skin nourished and healthy from within.



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