10 Myths Surrounding The Pixie Haircut


So many women are frequently misunderstood when they express a desire to get a pixie haircut. Whatever their reason for going on low cuts, there will be a lot of people who would think it isn’t such an amazing move. This is because long hair is typically portrayed as attractive, sexy, and “feminine”, particularly in the traditional media community. Pixie haircuts are popular and predominantly (or so is the perception) haircut styles for women with masculine qualities. The vintage look, the elegance, and the simple styling required for this haircut make it even more enticing to attempt. If you’ve ever had a need to explore an overhauled look, transcending into a pixie haircut may do the magic.

Despite the amazingness of the pixie, certain mythical wars have been waged against it. There are standards about this hairstyle considered superstitious and these ideas are fueled by a few thoughts surrounding culture and identity.

1. People are less attracted to short hair

Men especially have argued why a woman should go on a short haircut if there’s nothing wrong. This argument also insists that pixie takes femininity away from the woman. Well, the phobia for change and the need to impose certain cultural opinions and sensibilities on a woman’s choice of hair is a trait to adjust. Pixie is an art in itself and it’s not a bad idea if some women choose its path.

2. You have to have the right face for a pixie haircut

It’s quite surprising that so many other women believe the same thing. Well, the reverse is rather the truth, a pixie haircut style can be finely cut to suit your face. You must find a style that works and complements you. The right look anyway, is always the one you choose and rock confidently.

3. There are not so many styles available for a pixie haircut

The possibilities with a pixie are in the real truth, limitless. However, you’ll only be able to achieve the look you want if you have a sense of adventure and optimism. You can have your pixie side-swept, finger coiled, choppy cut-like, slicked-down, grown out, layered, buzz-cut, or tooth-combed. There are absolutely no written rules on the perfect pixie cuts.

Woman Wearing Pixie Hair With GlassesPhoto: Elijah M. Henderson/Unsplash

4. Pixie hairs are easy to take care of

Here’s a shocker: short hair necessitates a lot of effort in taking care of it. Easy is relative but, you’d need a set of shampoo, conditioner, heat-protecting cream, a hairdryer, a straightener, styling pomade, and other accessories. When it comes to hairstyles that you should properly care for, the pixie is no exception.

5. You must be a Lesbian!

Oops! That was too direct! The sexually appealing, boyish look that a pixie haircut gives notwithstanding, this myth may or may not be true but there is definitely nothing to determine about a girl’s personal life using her haircut as a yardstick. Is there? For the girls who have been thinking about getting a sexy short haircut but are hesitant because of this stereotype, there is no need to wait any longer. Jump on the bandwagon of your choice and ignore the fabled ramifications.

6. You spend less time getting ready

This is definitely true. It’s a real treat to feel your head free and lighter at all times, and it saves you time in the morning. Although, with women, you cannot guarantee the exact dress-up activity that takes too much time. There is make-up to deal with too, remember? Anyway, keep in mind that a haircut, no matter how short it is, requires regular maintenance.

7. Getting on a short haircut signals loss or breakup

Probably true but this doesn’t apply to everyone. Getting a pixie hair cut might be a girl’s intentional way of starting life afresh, free from the worries that the old hair may represent, to her. Asides from this, short hair is a harmless exploration of fashion and an avenue to create a spice that might be needed once in a while.

Photo of black african american woman wearing pixie cut hairstylePhoto Courtesy

8. You’d always need huge accessories

One thing is certain, it’s easy to get bored of your pixie. So, you’d naturally be inclined towards creating ideas to tweak your style. Aside from spiking it up with gel, laying it flat, or teasing it up a bit, there isn’t much you can do with short hair. So, if you’re bored, use hair accessories to add a splash of color.

9. Short Hair Needs Less Moisturizing.

You’d be really shocked at how much hydration it requires to keep your pixie in good shape and without tangles. To compensate for the natural dryness that the sun often brings, your hair, whether short or long, requires attention and softness. So investing in hair moisturizing products for your pixie is quite necessary.

10. Women with a pixie cut may be strong and confident.

It all depends on how she carries herself. The hair has a way of interpreting one’s personality and regardless of what you’ve got on, versatility is for sure. You can be bold on either short hair or long, wavy hair. Again, it all depends. Stylist Amber Maynard Bolt, who chopped Demi Lovato’s pixie, in a past interview with Vogue said — “For many, hair represents a curtain of safety. There is a lot of fear with chopping your hair off. But once you do, you are able to own yourself in a way you never thought possible.

A pixie cut is a bold style and a relatively low-maintenance option that looks great on its own. I’m not sure any superstitions can keep a girl from getting what she wants. The standard is straightforward— anyone can wear any type of pixie cut with the help of a trusted hairstylist and a dash of confidence. Certain hairstyles will help you highlight or conceal various facial features, and different pixie haircuts work better with different hair types.


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