Is It Okay To Wear a Beanie in Warm Weather?


Is it okay to wear a beanie in warm weather? Beanies can be the perfect accessory for summer layering. Some people might think that wearing a beanie when it’s above 70 degrees is like wearing flip-flops when it’s 40. However, wearing a beanie in warm weather is more socially acceptable than freezing your toes off! Many businesses use customizable and lightweight beanies because of their increasing popularity. Rain, snow, or sun—it’s perfectly fine to wear a beanie in warm weather under certain conditions. Here are some tips for breaking out your beanies during the spring and summer.

Replace Your Winter Beanies with Lightweight Beanies

A thick holiday patterned beanie with a pom-pom on top is not appropriate for the spring or summer months. For starters, wearing a 100% wool beanie will be uncomfortable and hot during the warmer months. Replace your winter beanies with lightweight beanies so your head doesn’t bake under the sun. Fisherman-style beanies and slouchy beanies are best for the warmer months and pair well with stylish layering.

Wear Your Beanie with Trendy Summer Layers

When we say to style your beanie with summer layering, we’re not saying to layer like you would for the winter months. In the summer, you want to wear light colors and lightweight, breezy clothing. When layering for the summer, think loose; layer with your favorite tees, skirts, shorts, chinos, jeans, or light jackets. Add cute accessories like sunglasses or unique earrings to make your look pop! On cool summer nights, layer with baseball jerseys, oversized sweatshirts, or a nice cardigan. 

Photo of African American Woman Wearing Black Beanie With White T-ShirtPhoto: Dusan Jovic/Unsplash

Wear Neutral Colors

When choosing a beanie to wear during the warm months, you want to select a light, neutral-colored beanie. A beanie is an accessory to your outfit, so you don’t want to draw attention away from the ensemble. Choose earthy tones or lighter colors when selecting beanies. You want to stay away from thick, dark-colored beanies so you don’t overheat in the sun.

Choose Location Wisely

Wear your beanie on occasion to appropriate places. You shouldn’t wear beanies to spaces where the setting isn’t right. Wear your beanies at places like the airport, bonfires, your friend’s house, out to dinner, or on any casual outing. Don’t wear beanies to work, weddings, or fancy dinner parties or ceremonies. You don’t want to be known as the person who wears a beanie everywhere and becomes the butt of jokes. Right?

So, is it okay to wear a beanie in warm weather? Absolutely. When putting together an outfit for your next spring outing, think about the fabric, color, and setting. You want to make sure you’re comfy and stylish while wearing your beanies this spring and summer.


Felicia Priedel
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