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Sometimes, trending hairstyles pose a somewhat hard nut to crack -“How can I achieve it?” which, to be honest, is a task on its own. The truth is that the wet hair look returns with a glistening appearance year after year, and 2022 is no exception, but the same concern arises with each new encounter with the term “wet hair.” One common fear is that you may not be able to achieve the perfect wet hair look unless you have super-long, super-straight hair; otherwise, trying wet-look hair can be a total waste of attempt. I know you’re still curious about how their mane stylists do it with varying hair textures. Stay with us as we take you through how to achieve the wet hair look step by step.

What is the Wet Hair Look?

Think of a hairstyle that gives the impression that you’ve just gotten out of the shower. Oh yeah, you thought right! It’s the wet hair. It’s a common fear that you won’t be able to achieve the perfect wet hair look unless you have super-long, super-straight hair; otherwise, trying wet-look hair can be a total waste of attempt. But the shocker is that it can be worn with any hair type, from messy curls to slicked-back tresses.

Wet look hairstyles first became popular for men in the 1950s, with the introduction and rise in popularity of hair gels and pomades, but it wasn’t until much later that wet look hairstyles became fashionable for women. Being in such a non-biased gender existence, the wet hair look has continuously reinvented itself via hairstylists and the look for many years has made delectable appearances on the red carpet. An example is Kim Kardashian who wore her wet hair at the 2016 VMAs, followed by her sister, Kendall Jenner, at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

From Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus to the Hadid sisters, many celebrities in recent years have tried the wet look trend with different product combinations, proving that this is one hairstyle that works for all hair types.

Wet Hair Look Trend - Alva Claire on Versace Spring Summer 2021 RunwayPhoto: Getty Images/ Handout

Getting on the wet hair trend is easy to pull off in not so much time. First, layering the right products in the right amounts, as well as the right tools, will help your hair build up the necessary moisture that will last throughout the day.

Tools needed for your wet hair

  • A Wide-Tooth Comb: These combs have thicker teeth that allow more hair to pass through. This is a good option for people who have thick, curly, or tangled hair. A wide-tooth comb is the only way to go if you’ve just gotten out of the shower or if your hair is otherwise damp or wet.
  • Hair Gel: A styling gel is a must-have base ingredient for slick-backed looks on any hair type. This styling product is intended to add movement to the hair while also holding it in place. Find hair gel products with natural ingredients like vitamin A, glycerin, and hydrolyzed soy protein for better health and shine.
  • Hair Cream: This adds a natural shine to the hair and is commonly referred to as styling cream. It smoothens the tamed hair and holds it in place so that it does not fall. Cream-based formulas usually provide a smooth, natural sheen while also nourishing split ends. They’re especially beneficial for people with dry, wavy, or curly hair.
  • Glossing Spray: A glossing spray, like a makeup setting mist, enhances the shine, movement, and softness of your wet look while taming the frizz.
  • Hair Spray: Hair spray is a popular grooming product used by both men and women to keep hairstyles in place. For a specific wet hair look, this is quite necessary.

How to Get the Wet Hair Look

  • Your hair should be washed and towel-dried. It should not be blown dry. This is due to the fact that achieving a wet-looking texture lock down your hair successfully only when it is half dry.
  • Mix and apply the hair gel and cream together. Their combination ensures that your wet hairstyle remains in place, appears touchable, and shines healthily. Simply combine a quarter-sized amount of each in the palm of your hand.
  • Shine and Comb For a custom, wet hair slicked-back look. Smooth down your baby hairs and roots with your comb to define your waves for a more natural look. Once you’re satisfied with the results, spray your entire hair with glossing spray to add shine and make your hair appear wetter than it is.
  • Spritz and style the wet hair with hair gel, cream, gloss, and spray in rapid succession so as to keep it looking damp. After this worthwhile exercise, lightly mist your hair with hairspray before letting the previous products dry completely. Deciding to lightly blow-dry your hair to set the style or leave it alone for a more relaxed, undone look is all up to you and of course, may be dependent on the occasion to which you’re about to rock your wet hair look.


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