8 Hair Goals Every Woman Should Strive For


Setting a goal is always important in every aspect of existence. Your body, inclusive. I mean, how else would you explain going to the gym, dieting, meditations, et all? Likewise, your hair isn’t supposed to be left out. It’s always a good thing to set out plans to take care of your hair at various intervals.

Your hair needs to be protected from shrinkages, breakages, and heat effects. However, goals differ and can sometimes pose a challenge as many may not know what they want for their hair or how to achieve it. But fundamentally, the health, length, suppleness, and overall definition should be first on the list of your hair priorities. Keep reading to discover the hair goals you should strive for.

Growing your hair

This is first on the list and something to always look out for. Stunted growth is not funny; wherever it’s happening. Hair that is growing from the scalp at a rate faster than one-fourth of an inch per month is healthy; otherwise, there may be an inside problem. Always pay attention to the growth of your hair

Having a good hair texture

Unknowingly, we end up subjecting our hair to a lot of stress in order to attain a beautiful texture. This is something that could be easily attained using natural remedies such as eating food with more nutrients and minerals, washing with herbal shampoos, and doing all of the above regularly too.

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Having minimal hair shedding or hair loss

As a girl, you don’t want to battle hair loss! Not for yourself and definitely not for your esteem. There may be natural factors that may be given as excuses for hair shedding or loss. These factors may include the natural hair cycle that allows hair to fall out when it’s time. That’s not what you’re about preventing — it’s a natural cause.

However, losing a lot of hair could pose a real concern especially when this hair loss happens with just gentle brushes. Again, to attain this hair goal, eat a well-balanced diet, avoid tight hairstyles and always get enough sleep.

A scalp free of dandruff

Dealing with dandruff is both annoying and embarrassing and it’s always worthwhile to have a scalp free of those flaky and itchy white stuff on your hair. To get rid of dandruff, you can opt for medicated shampoos, corticosteroids, tea tree oil, coconut oil, or baking soda.

Having a minimal breakage

Hair breakage is another kind of hair loss that is majorly caused by frizz and dryness of the hair. It can be really frustrating. What then can you do to avoid this and achieve minimal breakage? Eat a balanced diet, and hydrate/moisturize daily using deep but gentle conditioning hair products.

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Elastic hair

Basically, when stretched out, your hair should be able to return to its original position. Isn’t that an awesome thing to look forward to? It is an inherent quality of healthy hair. Your hair is just much more likely to break if it has little flexibility.

Lengthy Hair

Long hair is one of the biggest confidence busters for women. Who wouldn’t want to strive for long hair? Guess what, the — less manipulation and protective styling can help your hair maintain its length by keeping your hands off of it or preventing the strands from tangling up on one another. Naturally, you can reduce the number of trims you’ll require during the year by paying special attention to your ends.

Flexible Hair

Prioritizing hair health strength and flexibility is a fantastic objective to pursue, whether the motivation comes from feeling unsatisfied with your hair. A girl should be able to experiment with her hair. To get you started, think about committing to semi-weekly protein treatments, monthly steamer sessions, weekly deep conditioning, or monthly steamer sessions to give your hair the extra nutrients it requires for maximum flexibility.

To achieve these goals which are majorly call-to-actions and not just mere visions, you have to be realistic and committed. Skip the gram for a little bit and pay attention to what works for your own hair type.


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