Men: The Ultimate Guide To Getting The Haircut You’d Actually Like

A haircut is a defining factor in grooming, and one of the major ways to identify one’s style and fashion sense.

Finding the right haircut for one’s face shape is easy to find given the thousands of hairstyles available according to different face shapes, available both online and offline.

Most men find it difficult to choose the specific head shape they have. Different individuals have different head shapes thus making the pictures and infographics of hairstyle according to the head shape difficult. Many who opt to check for hairstyles online can land the wrong one for their face and head shape.

The first step towards finding the right hairstyle would be to find the right barber. If you feel your current barber has not done you justice over the years, or you want a new look, be sure to research and seek out recommendations for hairstylists within your area. Search for online reviews and comments about their work, and check out the photos of their work.

Choosing a hairstyle you might actually like goes beyond trusting your barber to do the job. You need to research facial structures, head shapes, preferences, and the overall look you would want to have.

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Through sifting the available catalogs of hairstyles found both online and offline, consult with your barber on the right fit for you. It is important to be realistic about what can and cannot be done to avoid disappointment.

Not sure of your head shape?

When choosing a hairstyle for your face, it is advisable to consider the following:

  • Width of the face

The width of the face from one temple to another greatly helps determine the width of the head. This can also be measured by the width of your forehead. This greatly determines the type of hairstyle you will ultimately choose and settle for.

  • Length of the face

This is measured from the top of the head and comes all the way down to the chin. The length of the face characterizes different hairstyles which can be fashioned to suit each face structure.

  • Facial structure

The face structure is a great determinant of a suitable hairstyle. For instance, do you have angular and strong facial features, or is your face mostly round. Muscular faces need a signature hairstyle while round faces need a distinct style to highlight important aspects of their face.

  • Size of the forehead

This helps understand the exact face type and structure, therefore helping to analyze the right hairstyle to settle for. Individuals with big foreheads look best in chiseled hair which cuts forward on their forehead as this minimizes the visual appearance. Getting the hair lifted in the middle will also reduce the attention on the forehead giving a balanced look.

Every individual has different characteristics that set them apart and make them unique in their way. Therefore, understanding one’s facial structure, head type and shape will help in crafting the perfect signature look that will change the entire look.

Communicating with your barber on your expectations and desired outcome will help you out in the long run. Do not hesitate to ask for the right terms to use to avoid miscommunication and therefore disappointment. For instance, asking for a fade might mean something else, so be sure you understand the different types of fade before trying.

Haircut styles depending on facial features

As mentioned before, there are various hairstyles recommended for various facial features:

  • Wide face

Individuals with wide faces often have wide foreheads. A suitable hairstyle for this face shape is having to get a side cut. This side cut can either be on the right or left depending on preference. This ultimately creates the illusion of a thin face, as the face is broken down into two sections. The side cut focuses on the front section of the hair by making it lie towards one particular side thus adding character and volume.

Individuals with this face structure can also opt for no side part but instead focus on having the hair go upwards. The upwards look maintains a full head width and emphasizes the length of the face. This creates a thinner and longer look being flattering and sophisticated.

  • Narrow face

Individuals with narrow faces often have a longer appearance. Therefore, it is best not to go with hairstyles that are vertically lifted to prevent exaggerating the length of the face. Therefore, a hairstyle that lies perfectly on top of the head is recommended. For those with a short face abut slimmer face structure, one can opt for a slightly lifted hairstyle that will add the lifting effect of the hairstyle, and complement the facial features.

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  • Structured or angular face

This face structure is compatible with different hairstyles and different hair lengths due to the ease of styling. These face shapes are normally well-rounded and can get away with any style they choose.

  • All rounded face

Most men fall into this category. An all-rounded face structure comprises a softer jawline and a small or normal chin. Individuals with this face structure should aim to go for an angular hairstyle, one which parts on either side of their head to create an aesthetically pleasing look. The most common hairstyle for this face shape is short and straight hair facing the back. This creates structure making the face somewhat chiseled. Refrain from equal hair all around the hair as it makes the face rounded. Clipping hair on the sides blends perfectly with longer hair in the middle.

Density and thickness of the hair

Different hair textures vary for different individuals. Therefore, understanding your hair texture, thickness and density will help you be satisfied with the hairstyle you settle with. Individuals who have serious receding hairlines or thin wisps of hair on the head are better off shaving their heads, partially or completely depending on the level of damage. This minimizes the attention to the little hair thus giving a bold bald look.

Those with receding spots can work with cuts or parts placed strategically to hide the receding parts. This hairstyle pairs well with side cuts placed angular along the hairline.


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