5 Hairstyles Ideas To Wear In February And Beyond


February is a month full of surprises. With 28 days, it’s obviously the shortest month in the year but jampacked with romantic activities. For instance, the Valentine’s Day is coming and marital vows will be renewed. Broken relationships will also be mended, even singles will mingle and this calls for date nights. If you have such activities coming up but can’t figure out the hairstyle to wear, we are all about making some beauty surprises. Ditch your go-to hairstyle and try something refreshing — perhaps the Butterfly Locs or Flat twists can be the answer to your beauty needs. Keep scrolling for the 5 hairstyles to try in February and beyond.



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Half Up, Half Down ‘Do

For those looking to raise the glam stakes, consider this short, half-up half-down curly hairstyle. But if your natural hair isn’t enough, add some extensions and ensure to use a gel or flat iron to blend the edges for flawless face-framing highlights.



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Two Flat Twists

Faster and easier, flat twist is a great choice when you want to try something refreshing. And aside that, it’s just as sleek as it looks, proven here by this black beauty.


Butterfly Locs

We all know by now that butterfly locs have fast become a must-try hairstyle. It has truly come to stay and if you haven’t already tried, it’s time to add these distressed faux locs to your hair rotation.



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Short Passion Twists

It isn’t summer just yet but short passion twist is an all-season protective hairstyle that can be styled to suit any occasion. The short length is just as effortless, yet a little more polished.



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Spring Twists

The spring twist (a.k.a Nubian twists) is like the twin sister to passion twists but different attributes. No matter the color or length, it also  make for a beautiful protective ‘do any time of the year.


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