How To Apply Your Own Press-On Nails Like A Pro


While no one seems to see any good about 2020, women can at least celebrate over the resurgence of press-on nails. We don’t have to tell you the stress of having to visit the beauty salon every weekend to get a gorgeous manicure or the emotion of guilt when you have abnormal-looking nails due to frequent biting. This is where press-on nails are coming in.

With press-on nails, you probably do not need to see your nail artist anymore, you don’t even need to paint your own nails. But nevertheless, we all want our hands to look nice and also want to have fun with our nails (especially after work or weekends), and with a set of polished nails bought from the drugstore—in all shapes, designs, and lengths—having a flawless mani is just at your disposal. Ahead, our trusted beauty star, Jackie Aina will show you how to apply and rock your press-on nails like a pro, plus all you need to know.



Anita Jose
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