5 Nigerian Bridal Gown Designers To Keep Your Eye On

As a developing country, there is no denying that we’re living in a revolutionary time, where many sectors of the economy that were handicapped in operation are now snowballing. Case in point: the fashion and bridal industry — fashion designers are getting better and better (some which have gained international recognition for their over-the-top creations and sartorial sophistication) and edgy new labels are springing up on the regular. And as if that isn’t enough —  gone are those when it was a major challenge to buy the perfect bridal gown locally, now we can boast of utterly fabulous homemade bridal collections. This is what we have to be proud of, which is the reason we’re rounding up 5 of-the-moment Nigerian bridal labels that are offering dreamy creations for brides, thereby pushing the industry to new heights. Continue reading by clicking through the gallery:



Ubong Richmond

Ubong Richmond

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