PurpleHaze Shoes Debut Collection Features Sky-High Stilettos


PurpleHaze Shoes debuts a new campaign “obsession” revealing a chic lineup of stilettos with fresh styles and new silhouettes with comfort in mind.

The campaign features different scenarios that represent the target consumer and the ways the shoes can be worn for different occasions. Whether to work, meeting a friend for lunch, or a night out, the campaign shows the zest for life and vitality young women on a mission possess.

Photo: Instagram.com/oa.productions
Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images

The brand has an array of clean, refined premium shoes which offer various colors for versatility.

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images
Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Distinctively suited for every occasion, the shoes will definitely have you walking in the right direction. PurpleHaze Shoes are available through their website and at their store in Lagos.


Designs: @purplehazeshoes
Muse: @bankeolutimehin
Photography: @oa.productions

Makeup/Hair: @belize_makeup
Outfits: @skentelebyetti @christiana_hebrews @usaybytomi



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