Rogue’s “Deluxe Man” Wedding Campaign Is All About Regal Men’s Suiting


A showcase of couture and regality in men’s suits and semi-formal fashion defined for weddings and special events.

Ideal for once-in-a-lifetime events – Rogue used a fine mix of velvet, jacquard, satin, and wool fabrics with luxury motifs depicted in hand-crafted beadwork, rhinestones, and crystal embellishments; to tell a tale of grandeur and debonair living.

Here is why: The bride who is undoubtedly the center of attraction at the wedding will be draped in pearls, crystals, and rhinestones. This beautiful art of fashion should be extended to the groom. “A groom should look as spectacular and unforgettable as his bride.”



Label: Rogue @rogue_ng
Model: Leo @sirleobdasilva
Photography: @wilsononwukapictures
Direction: Sadic @sadic_____adams


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