Rogue’s AW21 Collection ‘MONARCHS’ is a Nod to Embellished Suiting


Rogue’s AW21 collection ‘MONARCHS’ is a narrative that chronicles the richness of culture and regality in modern Africa through classic and contemporary sartorial fashion. They are timeless masterpieces that each convey powerful statements; one of outstanding class, elegance, bravado, and culture. Each design tells its own tale.

Sartorial silhouettes have always been the bedrock of Rogue’s fashion with the aim to create unforgettable one-of-a-kind garments, combining elements of traditional African fashion, luxury, culture, nature, and art. In this case, the collection features a stellar range of 25 pieces that come complete with crystals, beads, Swarovski stones, pearls, and flowers as the motifs. it also used rich lush fabrics velvet, damask, brocade, wool, and silk as well as the indigenous Aso-Oke woven fabric.


As per the Lagos-based brand, ‘Rogue fashion believes what you wear should announce who you are.’ Here, the brand is expressing that philosophy by creating a collection of intricately crafted garments that embody magnificence and grandeur. Continue scrolling to see the full collection.

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