Kate Middleton Wears Red Skirt Suit In A Way You’ve Never Tried Before

Kate Middleton may be the Duchess of Cambridge — yes, we know, but when it comes to stepping out, she always knocks it out of the park. For most people, wearing a skirt suit demands to slip into heels with a matching tote, but the Duchess who is incredibly adept at dressing perfectly did not only chose a well-tailored ensemble, but she completed it with edgy styling. 

For her visit to a Primary School in Neasden, north London this morning, Kate selected bold red skirt suit by Italian designer Luisa Spagnoli. Far from the traditional, the ensemble looked elegant on the Duchess thanks to the updated flattering collar and the black belt which nips her in at the waist and took her look to the next level. To make things even edgier, she opted for matching accouterments. We’re pretty much on board with the Duchess in this next-level styling. Keep scrolling to check her out:









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