Pom-Pom Makeup Is The Latest Beauty Trend You Might Be Tempted To Try

We’ve seen pom-pom on literally every article of fashion but in beauty? Even a makeup professor could never have predicted pom-pom as a thing in the nearest future. While we all know that fashion keeps evolving and constantly changing over time, the same is happening in beauty — today you hear of eyebrow microblading, craved brows, or barbed wire brows and before you know it, they sound like they never existed. But nevertheless, kudos to the inventors because, honestly, it’s not easy to think outside the box.

That said, there is a new beauty trend called pom-pom makeup and is so colorful, eye-catching and you can achieve it by gluing pom-poms to your face. As Allure pointed out, “pom-pom makeup is a lot more chic and a lot less arts-and-crafts project than it sounds.” At least if not for anything, the picture is Pinterest/Instagram-worthy. Scroll down to see some images:


Opening Image: Instagram/punchingpictures!



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