DJ Cuppy Covers SCHICK Magazine With Her Pink Hairstyle


Ladies and gentlemen, DJ Cuppy has done it again. The Nigerian disc jockey known for her insane penchant for pink looks stunning on the digital cover of SCHICK Magazine, rocking an eye-catching pink hairstyle. With unexpected texture, major volume, and wild imagination, Cuppy gave the braids hairstyle her own personal twist with the help of hairstylist Kelvin Takudzwa.

Opening up in an interview with the magazine, the 27-year-old got so real about her newfound practice of veganism. 

DJ Cuppy Schick Magazine Digital CoverPhoto: Gabrielle Kannemeyer

“Veganism is great. I actually made a Mushroom Egusi the other day and I’m very proud of it!” Cuppy told SCHICK. “Veganism, for me, is something that’s here to stay and I just noticed I’m feeling so much better, so much more positive and energetic, and it feels good that I’m actually doing something to help the welfare of animals.” 

The Billionaire heiress also touched on her brand, attributing her love for pink as a way of telling her own story. “I’ve always felt like I have what I call my own pink print! For me, it’s all about finding a way of creating my own story my own way.”

DJ Cuppy Schick Magazine Digital CoverPhoto: Gabrielle Kannemeyer

You can get Cuppy’s full interview by scooting over to the magazine’s digital page here.


Anita Jose
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